I went to Turks and Caicos

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I went with family/friends. We stayed in a 4 bedroom home with a loft on the beach. There was 34 of us. Not everyone was in the house. We had a few of us spread around. It's so much fun traveling and hanging out with so many. You can always find someone to go hang out with. 
I was on the tippy top in the loft. The view was the best in the house. I had a little mini fridge and kitchen with sink up there. And at night it was so flipping cold. Thankfully I had lots of blankets and like 5 fluffy pillows.
The house had a little pool. It was little. Tiny. We all laughed at it but we all went in it. We hung out mainly outside for all 7 days we were there. Either on the side 2nd floor porch or under that little covered area you see by the pool. The house had 4 porches. 
My day room view. The entire loft is surround by windows in a U shape on one side. So I could see so much.
This was the best place. Lazy river. They had a fun slide to go in too. They have several swim up bars which was everyone's favorite.

I had my hair braided while there. I miss them.
We were at Beaches Resort. 
The water is perfect there. It's beautiful. Aqua. The sand I have never felt such velvet beautiful sand. I can't wait to go back!


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