What I like on Etsy.

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One vintage pillowcase repurposed into a shirt!

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I have been seeing lots of cute tops made from Sew Mama Sew's adorable and free tutorial on her blog. (right here). I just had to try to make one myself. And here it is. Now I did do a bit of altering to the pattern. I did not have enough fabric to work with to make the pleats on my shirt like she did. So I just gathered mine instead. I am in the process of making another one with pleats. I also thought how cute would this be for a dress? I must try it. I really loved this vintage pillowcase when I found it. I knew I had to do something really creative with it. Usually when I find something so pretty I can't cut into it or nothing is ever worthy enough of using the fabric. Not so. Not when you have this adorable shirt to make for yourself. And can I tell you I made this in under two hours? I did. I was happy. That is why I am going back to make another. However the dolls are calling me over to them. I am going to have to make them happy. I shall play with you soon my dears! This mama is just having too much of an obsession/fun with repurposing vintage sheets lately. And ohhh do I have it bad! XO

Another Wrap skirt but made with Vintage Sheets

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I shall offer some wrap skirts at my craft show this year. This one I made with some of that left over aqua polk a dot fabric I used to make mine and I also used the same mod vintage floral sheet I used to make my fabric belt. The front two panels are sheets the back is polk a dots. The inside is all polk a dots with 2 mod birds. This is reversible. This will fit a small/medium. I need to work on a few med/large sizes next.

I made a shirt from a vintage sheet.

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Well that didn't take me long to do. I just purchased this vintage sheet and right away it was calling my name saying please please make me into something. So i did. I made this shirt using a simplicity sewing pattern and a vintage sheet. I will never make this top again. Or should I say neckline. It was annoying and I did take it apart and sew it 3 separate times. Its still a tad crooked but you wouldn't know where unless I pointed it out. Also I changed the pattern a bit. For the belt they wanted you to sew the belt into the shirt and then tie in the front or back. I thought that looked a little too maternity-ish for me. So I made small loops and sewn those into the shirt and made the tie extra longer so I could tie it at the waist. Its really comfy to wear. Its really soft. I must say I never wore a sheet as clothing before but I love it. Its the perfect fabric for this hot summer 2009. I love it and will wear it again and be proud of my handmade repurposed vintage sheet.

Thrift Store finds.

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I found this handmade vintage feed sack round table cloth at the thrift store for $1.50. You will see this again and again. I am going to use this for a backdrop to show you things.
Things like this. Vintage bracelet that will get a make over along with the napking ring holders. I have plans too for them. I paid 50 cents for everything you see here including the vintage redware kitchen utensil.
I found this vintage bed sheet.
I went looking for just these white crisp cotton bed sheets. (like just going into the thrift store and looking at white sheets and then leaving the store and not check out what else they have to offer....would have ever happen.) I needed to find some white bed sheets to coordinate with some of the green crafting I will be making with those colorful bed sheets I previously purchased. These are full size both are flat sheets and 100% soft crisp cotton. They feel really nice so soft and comfy.
I found this Pottery Barn keepsake keeper for 2 bucks. Memory box? Display Case? Oh call it what you will. I call it a perfect way to store some of my favorite things. This can be hung on the wall or will display nicely on the table like a photo frame. Inside the glass all wood heavy frame there is a padded piece of muslin laid nice and secure for you to pin or attach something to. You will see this again. I have an idea, or 2....maybe 3.

See how well the table cloth looks for displaying? (big smiles)

Michael jackson in swetter vest

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Tribute to a Legend - Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson will be greatly missed.

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He made me the dancer I am today and I will be dancing all day thinking of him. I miss him already. I am such in shock. I grew up listening to him and amazed as his talent. The world lost the king of pop yesterday. So very sad. I will miss his performances and his music. May his music live on forever.

Pretty Vintage Plastic Buttons made into a ring

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I made a ring today. I just purchased some adjustable ring blanks from Etsy and dug threw my collection of vintage buttons that I found this Spring while I was in PA. I hit up a wonderful flea market while I was there and they had plenty for me to stock up on. I am going to offer these rings for sale at my craft show this year. This one is sold. So I guess I should stop wearing it. (giggle) I adore looking at my vintage buttons. They are in jars and some in this adorable vintage candy tin. I have been looking for one forever. Again. I found this on my PA trip this year. Such eye candy for me I tell you.

I made a wrap skirt with a mod bird!

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I made this wrap skirt. I have been itching to make one. I have looked all over for patterns in the internet. And I should say I did find a few of them, I just was not ready to do all the math there was to figure it out. I need a pattern. I quickly scanned threw McCalls patterns and Yes, pattern M5430. I made version B. Now I did do a bit of altering to this pattern. In the new style of wrap (or how they offer the pattern) they have a waist band and then you make ties using the fabric. I did not want that. I wanted my wrap skirt like the old school style. So that is how I made it. I did not add the waist band and I just used binding all the way around the skirt. I will have to make a button hole in the back of the skirt's waist line on the binding so I can easily slip the tie threw. Its not necessary but I want to try button hole making next. Oh and I won't try it on my new skirt. hehe Scrap fabric! This is reversible. I used my little birdy again. I really adore this skirt! (gush)

(you can use that bird too for your appliques its for free in my free pattern/scan/tutorial section to the left under the pattern wall cozy.)

Vintage Sheet Fabric Belt Tutorial

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I made this belt from a vintage bed sheet. Its really easy to make and I am going to tell you how.
You will need to find a bed sheet that you like and want to make a belt from. I used a vintage twin size fitted sheet. I tore slowly all the elastic off the sheet and then ironed the sheet. You can cut it if you don't feel comfy tearing. My sheet was rather old and it didn't give me a problem.
I started my belt using 45" length of vintage sheet and 7" wide.
I used two 1" silver buckles.
You will want to measure your waist to see how long your want your belt to be.
(After making my belt it measures almost 44" long.)
Fold over the 45" fabric and cut.
You will now have 2 pieces 45" long and 3 1/2" wide.
Piece one, Fold over both sides and iron. Do the same to piece 2.
Line up both pieces, you will see some uneven areas,
just go back and adjust and re-iron.
This process will save you from having sewn an uneven belt.
For the ends of the belt I just folded each end over and
ironed until even and then I sewed the entire belt closed.
Take both your belt rings and fold over and then sew closed.
Then you are done. Enjoy.
Have fun making them.
Go green at your craft shows this year! XO

(update: I did use interfacing to make it a bit sturdy
and depending on your fabric used you can wash this in the machine/ iron when dry)

Thrifting on a Monday

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You really must think I go thrift shopping all the time? I do! haha. I am not much of a retail shopper. I tell hubby he is really lucky to have someone who just gasps at the thought of paying how much for that? He is a retail shopper and loves it. He is not a fan of vintage or "USED" as he calls it. Yet he plays with things I bring home sometimes telling me how cool that is or how he remembers that as a child. He even uses the items and has no idea at all that I purchased that item at a thrift store. I much rather go to a thrift store and see what I can use for my house or for crafting. You never know what $1.00 will buy you.
I found this vintage 1948 Scrabble game for $1.00. I am going to use everything here for altered art projects. I can not tell you how long I have been looking for a thrifted scrabble game. I really did not want to purchase a "new" one. So this find had a bunch of squealing and heel clicking. And seeing the next find also made us continue the dance. (giggle)
I found this vintage 1958 Child's Scrabble game for $1.00. This I am going to alter and make a wall hanging and keep it for myself.
The game board has two different sides.
You may remember a few months back I found a vintage corningware counter-top saver? Well I found and even larger one today in the same design. How weird is that being able to find that? It does have a rubber stopper missing (which is fixable) and has a small dent in the center bottom. Still no problem. I have placed this on my wood buffet that everyone keeps using as a drink holder. I have now banned everyone from ever touching the wood. This is now a buffet table-top saver. And it MATCHES!!!!
Vintage Glass Pyrex Pitcher 2 Quart Lemon and Orange slices.
Vintage Mod McDonalds pillowcase. This case has two different sides. That means 2 different aprons I can make! Yipee! I really love this mod print. I think the flowers and the trees & the houses are just preciously Mod and adorable. I love the kids clothing. I am not sure I am going to be able to sell this. I may just have to keep one for myself.
My 19 year old son stole this from me and said I am not allowed to cut this up. I totally agreed. 1978 Vintage Superman Pillowcase. Its now on his bed. Darn. That would have made 2 nice Man aprons. The print is different on each side. (sigh) oh well. I am just smiling that he is loving the vintage.
Vintage cookie cutters. This will look awesome in a display I am working on this year for Christmas time. I want to have little areas of pretty decor to gaze upon. Usually I have just a tree. Ugh. I love my tree. I just want a little more.
I found 3 vintage sheets to use to crafting. The yellow below is just like the green print I found a few weeks back remember?
This sheet is a full size and I paid $2.00 for it. Seriously its so bright. I am shocked. Its been rare to find a really bright cheery print that is not faded in areas. I am really loving this print the MOSTEST! I have no idea what to even make with this. I know I will want something from this print for my own personal selfish reasons.
I am going to make this Mod vintage clock over.

vintage wood spool love

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Originally uploaded by una juniper

I adore, love and some what feel the need to own all the vintage wood spools of the world.

Wood Spools on Cake plate!

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Originally uploaded by bethquinndesigns

Charming photo, right?

My full Ribbon collection

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My full Ribbon collection
Originally uploaded by anniescupboards

HAHA, this is mine. Funny when you find yourself on flickr. (giggle)

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