Hair flower Clip KITS for sale in Etsy

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If you are interested in making your own fabric flower hair clips with my vintage sheet finds you are gonna be so happy if you go to my Etsy shoppe. I have listed a few kits there for you. They are $5.00 each. Each one has a vintage button, pre-made hair clip cozy made from wool felt, thread and of course vintage sheet circles. Limited kits available.

Is it Pyrex?

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I am not sure if this small white bowl is pyrex. It is the same size as my other small pyrex bowls. Has the same weight, has the look but has no writing anywhere on it. I also found a white fluted cake plate. I adore it and adored the $3 price tag. I did find a vintage sheet. I am not sure if its really vintage or reproduction vintage. Do you know? I saw one like it on Etsy and they say its vintage. But I am not sure. There is no tags on mine and usually I find the tags and that is how I know for sure its vintage or I know the pattern. But I have never seen this pattern.
I have been so ill for the last 2 days. I was not even able to go see my favorite singer Tori Amos. She was in town yesterday and I was puking for 2 days so I could not go. I bet she was awesome.

Wall Art Vintage Dress Making

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I made another altered wall art. This one is all about home sewing. Dress making of course.

Retro Altered Wall Art - Spanky Pants

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I updated this. I decided to add some fun phrases to it. Now I like it even more.

I found this cute ad in my vintage McCall's magazine (1959) Its a Carters ad for underpants. Cept they call them Spanky Pants. I love it! I made it into some wall art. I bought a bunch of wood frames with glass from the thrift store. Cleaned them up, painted them and now I get to fill them full of vintage ads. Mostly all the magazines that I have purchased were all large with large pages. 10 x 13 large. I know. Now a days we only get your standard 8 1/2 by 11. This craft can be addicting and gets very messy very fast. I love it. Not sure how hubby will feel about it. HAHA! (clean freak)

I am making adjustable rings

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Oh goodness I totally made something I want. It's so cute and adorable. Do they look familiar? Last year for my advent calendar I made these little doll heads and used lolly sticks and felt and made hats and dresses for them. Well the cats in my house stole all the hats off them by Jan 3rd. So I packed the heads away for later use. I found a use! They each have a vintage button on their head as their hat. They are just wood beads glued to an adjustable ring. I hope I tempt a few little girls and ok, some of us taller girls too. (giggle) Wood Doll rings. (gushing)

I am making a few with just vintage buttons. Some I shall stack some of the buttons are just to pretty to stack. The black one looks like a checker piece. And thats another idea I could do. Make Checker Rings. There are so many games in thrift stores with missing pieces so why not make use of them. I can see dice and scrabble tiles as rings too. There is so many options to play with. i get excited thinking of them all.

I was having a hard time getting the rings to dry and not move. Then I decided to use my cupcake pan and fill it with fish rocks and then place the ring in there and let them dry. It worked out perfectly.

Vintage Tupperware Pickle Keeper

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I love pickles! I found this vintage Tupperware pickle keeper for $1.49 in Goodwill Store. It didn't even smell or looked liked it was used. It should have smelled like pickles. It will now.

Thrifting finds of Friday

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I found this vintage manual type writer. I was thinking of someone else when I bought this and now I am feeling like I should just keep it and play with it and use it for altered art projects and display purposes. I dunno. Maybe. You know I saw some ribbon in another thrift store. I wonder if it compatible? I really love the style of this machine. And I love hearing the clicking noses as I type on it.

I have no idea why I purchased this. But you never see them and it could come in handy. I worked in enough retail places to inform you this is called a till. Its the part that comes in and out of the register. Where you place your cash and coins. Display ideas are not coming to mind but maybe they will.
1960's Time life Encyclopedias with oodles of vintage photos. This set just showcases what times were like in each era. One book will contain 1800's & 1900's then go to 1910 &1920 and then 1930&1940 etc. They show what was in fashion in those Era's, samples of newspapers, ads hair styles, war information, etc. Lots of good reading here for sure. I think I might use them in altered art projects not sure yet.2 fire king mugs. Yipee. You know they were each .49 cents. I know! But they wrote in red marker on each mug. Lucky for me I was able to get that off with some nail polish remover and a Q-tip.
Ya know I was screaming inside when I found this vintage Polaroid film. I know you can still buy this film on but its so expensive still. I have 4 cameras to test this out with. Yipee!!
I found another care bear sheet. The flat again.
I found this very pretty orange and yellow daisy vintage sheet. Full Size
I found these Mod vintage pillowcase shams STILL in the packaging.
I found these misc. oyster forks. Or seafood forks really. Why is that celluloid? YES yes they are! The forks on the left bottom are from Germany and need to be polished. By golly they are real silver!
Plastic celluloid Florida forks

Pill Box Hat Tutorial I found and made!

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I used this tutorial from Threadbangers. I adore them, you should check them out if your into making handcrafted goodies. They have oodles of free patterns and tutorials. You can even download them on a podcast and learn a quick craft while working out or feeling lazy yet creative. hehe I made my hat from felt and I used craft felt for the flowers. I did not do the inside sewing where she flattened out the seams. I tried on the "first" hat and messed it all up. So I figure I need to just leave it alone until I have had more practice sewing a circle. This adorable teacher in this video, I met her last year at the StitchRock craft show I was a vendor at. She was selling these hats. And she shall be there again this year. I am going to get me a hat from her. I can't wait.

Fabric Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

anniescupboards 19 10:42 AM
You will need to cut out several circles. Depending on how many leaves you want. I took my coffee mug turned it upside down, traced it on paper and used that for my circle. If you want smaller leaves make a smaller circle.
Cut your circle in half.
Fold your cut circles in half. Only sew on the line you made to cut it in half.
Then you need to turn them outside in.
Flatten the leaf and then make a running stitch using matching thread.
Once you have done one just keep adding more leaves until you have as many as you want. (I just did 6) You can see your flower forming. Once your done adding your leaves just sew the last one and the first one together. You will need some wool felt and trace your hair clip.
Clip off the tip on one side and then sew together. Completed hair clip cozy.
You will need a vintage button and make another set of flowers this time using less leaves than the first time. I just used 4.
Stack them on top of each other and sew closed. Then sew on to your hair clip cozy.
Insert your hair clip and your done.
Enjoy! Feel free to use this tutorial for all your crafting needs.
Supplies needed:
Vintage sheets
Goody Hair Clips that snap
basic sewing supplies
vintage button
wool felt (you can use craft felt but wool is stronger/thicker)

Flower hairclip made from Vintage Sheets

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Last year I made oodles of hair clips from wool felt and vintage buttons. They sold very well at my Green show. The kids just loved them. Adults too. I was getting lots of ladies wanting something bigger and bolder. So this year I decided to make these. They are super easy and fun to make. I have a few on the crafting table to finish up today and then I am off to make more. They are so fun and fast. REALLY fast to make. That is the important part about making stock for a craft show. You want something cute and something fast to make. These are them. I am thinking a tutorial might be needed for this so I can share? What better way to show off your vintage love of fabrics. I am always looking for a way to wear my vintage. And this is just so it!
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