Thrifted Lusterware Peach Fire King Dishes

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I found these pieces at Goodwill. I have been popping in and out of thrift stores all week. I have been running around getting errands done and there just happens to be a thrifty store really close by. So why not run in really quick. You will never know what they have on the shelf. Sure it could be nothing at least you went in to look right?
These don't even look like they were used. They are so shiny. Well, Luster ware is shiny to begin with. I personally am not a fan of the color Peach. Blame it on the 80's. I will be selling these locally at my craft show that is happening NEXT WEEKEND! So if you collect come on over to my booth. (second floor)
Look how they Luster!

Vintage Peanuts, Pyrex & pillowcases

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Oh My I found a red Pyrex bowl today. Yes I did. It is not in perfect condition but its not very worn. I was really shocked to see these 2 piece just sitting there. The small blue bowl was there but I opted not to get it. It was very very worn and not worth it. Sometimes I get them when they are very worn out and use those to feed my cats with. But really not even worth it still. I am so excited. I am getting closer to completing my set. Oh and when I went to pay for these at the register they were cheaper than marked. (joy)! Thank you sweet lady at the register.
Vintage Long Rectangular yellow ware tablecloth. Oh its very pretty and no stains.
This is too cute. I am going to use this for something.
I have been looking all over. All over I tell you for Peanuts sheets. Vintage ones. I found this flat twin size sheet today and a matching pillowcase. 1960's
1950's and 60's books. Charlie Brown, Peanuts and a Hostess Cookbook. I go crazy for "hostess" cookbooks. Vintage ones in particular.
Vintage Red plastic and wicker sewing basket.
This is in great shape. I can't wait to use this. I have so many different crafts I am involved with that its really nice to sort them into boxes, cases, luggage, trunks. Anything cute for the eye to see just not the stringy mess inside.
Vintage Wamsutta & Cannon Pillowcases. Ok, I must say now these are all going on my bed. I finally am finding lots of pillowcases I am loving for myself. These are just perfect. I looked to see if there was any matching sheets. No such luck. But not all no luck, I did get the pillowcases after all. I must wash them asap. I want them on now.

The top piece has no marking that I can find yet. very Pyrex like. It does say oven proof and made in the USA, I will keep looking for a name. The bottom piece is a vintage Tupperware Jello mold. It really needs a good cleaning. But its in great shape. All the parts there too.

Hows mod is this scarf?

Crunch time, Thrifting and a Dentist

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Vintage Anchor Hocking Yellow Bowl
Vintage Tulip Pyrex Casserole dish
Vintage Corelle Mugs? Are these mugs? Now I have just one in beige like this and I thought it was a creamer. Now I am thinking this is not true?? They are mugs aren't they? When did they start and stop making their mugs like this?
Twin Size complete set (its on Etsy for sale if you want/lust it in my shoppe) There is a flat a fitted and a pillowcase. It does have a flaw. Looks as if someone repaired it which of course just adds to the charm of this vintage set. You can see more photos on Etsy.
Twin size fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases and I am totally using this. In fact the pillowcases have already been laundered and on the bed. I am going to try to make a sheet quilt and the fitted sheet will be in that quilt. I just need more prints for me to start a quilt. Oh and you know I am not a quilter so this will be a fun yet interesting project.

I have bee busy busy as you can tell from the lack of post I have been making during the week. My craft show that I am attending here in South Florida. Stitch Rock is happening Oh yes and I am totally READY. Where is this craft show? Delray Beach On Oct. 3rd. Saturday at noon till 6 pm. 51 N. Swinton Ave Delray Beach, FL. Its at the Vintage Gym there and you will be covered in ac while shopping. Yipee. I love indoor shows don't you? There is free covered parking. There is a $5.00 cover charge. The first 150 people get a free gift bag full of goodies and discounts and info about the artists you are visiting. There will be music and fashion show. Please come by and see me.

So of course while I am busy busy busy my teeth decided they wanted attention. Some much needed attention lets say. I hate the dentist. Prolly cause as a child my mother never took us to the dentist. Which isn't good. Thankfully I do practice good teeth hygiene however not perfect. I must now floss my heart out. Ugh I know who likes that. But if I want to care for my teeth I must. I had to go to the dentist and he told me about all the little cavities I have going on. Double Ugh. And I need a tooth pulled because I refuse to get a root canal and you wont see that tooth when I smile so I am getting it yanked. Triple Ugh. So this week I had a broken filling fixed. It feels so good to have that fixed. I am going to get the rest of my teeth worked on and fixed which thankfully isn't much cept the tooth pulling oh and the dentist also wants my wisdom teeth pulled. Even tho they are already grown in and haven't done much shifting. One is really crooked on top. But you cant see or tell. I will prolly get that one taken out but I really am too chicken to think or talk of it anymore. haha!

Sewing Machine Review: Bernina Activa 230

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I thought I should write up a part 2 of my sewing machine purchase with a review. It has been almost a full year since I have owned this machine. I have been getting several emails from people asking me how its been sewing on this machine. Do I like it? Was it worth the $? If I had to grade this machine from 1-10, I would say this machine is a Perfect 10. No way can't be you say. Nothing is perfect. Oh yes my friend, I am happy to say I am so excited with this sewing machine purchase. I am still finding new things on it to play with and its very easy to use. The booklet it came with is very direct and easy to read and will have you going at no time. I refer to it a bunch. In fact I am going to rate this entire line (Activa) a 10. I have owned several sewing machines in the past as I have mentioned before in my prior post. There is a big difference let me tell you. The quality in the stitches are really nice and that is important to someone like me who cares about the details, yes even the small ones. There is no jumping threads. There is no wacky loud strange noises. Its just smooth sailing I mean sewing. Look I am no expert on sewing. Sure I have been sewing for some time now but I practiced my heart out on lots of inexpensive sewing machines. And I even broke a few which taught me some things you just can not do on a simple sewing machine. After my practice was over I decided to take the plunge and spend some of my hubby's hard earn cash for a really nice (well deserved) sewing machine. I must say that day was the best sewing purchase I have ever made. I like the fact the company is so solid and strong. I like the fact that if anything happens I can go to my local shop where I purchased my machine and they will take care of it. PRONTO. I like the fact the Activa models have all these features. Of course the higher the number the better the features. I really like how one of the features is all the feet they offer you. You can do so many different projects and crafts with just changing out your foot. I still have not used my felting needling foot. I know. I should. I just have not yet felt inspired to work with felt yet. There are several different feet and you have to take a look at them. How exciting. Now if I ever wanted to upgrade my machine they (the store I purchased my machine from) will buy my machine back (of course not for what I paid for it) but more than enough to help me purchase the next upgrade. How is that? I totally recommend getting this machine. You will be so happy and relieved you made the purchase. I recommend you wait till they are on sale. Yes the stores there have sales. Tell them to call you when they are running a special. I bet you get called back really soon. Remember they have all kinds of models and ones that are very affordable for the first time sewer. Like this one. If your just learning to sew get a machine with less bells and whistles, trust me. Have fun and get yourself an upgrade when your ready. When buying a sewing machine make sure your getting the machine that is going to cater to your sewing needs. I chose this model because I really wanted the 240 but could not afford it (and still can't) but this was a very close choice. Mine is just a few features shy away from a 240 and I LOVE my machine and I am very happy with the choice I made.

Happy Sewing Machine searching!

faces in Art

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I painted some faces. These are a first for me. I purchased these 18/x 24 canvas boards at a really great price. They match the faces of my wood people and the wood people rings. I really love the red head. Of course you knew I was going to say that?! These will be for sale at the Indie Craft Show I am attending in Oct. Which is 3 weeks away! Its almost time.

Bunting recycled Vintage Bed Sheets

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I made a few more. They are so much fun to make. I really like the use of the vintage sheets for this project. You just get to see all the pretty colors and flowers. I really love these outside. Seeing them blowing in the wind while trying to take photos...they made me think of sheets drying on the clothesline. I used to do that chore as a kid and we never used the dryer on nice weekends.

Painted Wood People

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I can't wait to show you all the finished wood dolls and doll houses! Soon very soon!

More bunting with Birds

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This one has birds!

Cupcake Bunting

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How about a few buntings with cupcakes to make someone happy? I just adore these. I am making a few for the craft show. I am sure someone would love to splash a little bunting in their happy place.

Head Scarf with Ears!

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I made this head scarf. Oh sure lots of people are making them. But mine comes with EARS! Cute little Ears. I am going to write up a tutorial for this and offer it for free here on my blog. I just need to write it up. I got the idea when I was in Orlando this past weekend. Which I had so much fun. Florida is hot and humid the further south you go. Which makes us girls who deal with frizzy hair a mess of a do. To keep you from over heating you should wear a hat to protect your head. Your head heats up faster than any part of your body which in turns make you get heat stroke if your not careful. I suffer from this. It only takes an instant of heat to knock me to the floor. So I am always in hats and covering myself as much as possible. But I would like to do it in a cooler/cool way. So I saw lots of girls wearing handkerchiefs on their heads and I thought.....they need ears. Hubby said why ears? I said why not? The Ear Scarf was born!

and the magazine goes to

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From Primitive Kountry

her Quote was I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. "Augusten Burroughs"


FREE Create & Decorate Mag GIVEAWAY

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Contest ENDED!!
THANK YOU ALL WHO REPLIED! I shall have a winner picked very soon. Come back to peek to se if you won. XOXOX
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