Thrifting in the Rain

anniescupboards 3 1:08 PM
Its been raining off and on today. I had a mission to find 3 plates. I need them for my craft show display. I have this idea. I didn't find my 3 needed plates. I did find this small Pyrex bowl. I need those 3 plates. But finding this made it all better. Not really but kinda. I don't have this bowl. I do have the larger one.
I found another Garfield mug. Its been a whole year since my last find. I collect these 1980's mugs. Why? I just love them. I know I can find them online. What fun is that? Only when I am desperate to complete my set will I go online. I found some robins egg blue Tupperware.
I found this lovely Pyrex lemonade pitcher. I have the orange one. Now this. Oh oh oh!
I found 2 pink vintage trays. The left is more of a leaf than tray. It's heavy and feels like ceramic. I am going to use this for something. The right one is plastic. I have no clue what to do with them. They were 50 cents! They are not small. I see them getting used for craft show table displays.

I have a friend coming in from out of town. She will be here for a week and then my craft show is that following weekend. I may not get a chance to come by here and say hello. I am sorry for that. I love talking with you all. I am going to try. But when I get back I know I will have lots of photos to share with you. I am going to try and get one more post up later today. I have been trying to get used to taking my son to school and still do all the things I normally do and so far so good. But I am so tired at the end of the night and I seem to have less goof off time during the day. That is totally OK with me. I am just so happy about his school. We both love it so much. Him and me. We homeschool yet he does not school at home. If that makes any sense. HA! His school days and times differ than regular school hours. Which is actually AWESOME cause I don't get stuck in school zones. Yet the driving I am not used to do doing so much. It's all good. I get to do the things I still love to do just at different times.

Woodsy People Stash Jars

anniescupboards Reply 1:01 PM
I finished my stash jars. I took all those used baby food jars and vintage may jars and turned them into something cute and useful. You can stash your small little charms in here or use it as a stash for cash! I am taking these to Stitch Rock.

Shabby Pink Woodsy Peg Doll Cottage

anniescupboards Reply 12:54 PM
I made a woodsy peg people doll cottage. There is something different about this house compared to the ones I have been making. Do you notice it right away? Well besides this is the first shabby one. The house itself is different. Not the inside. The roof. There is no chimney. I did not notice when I bought this house it was missing. I was going to return it and get another one but then hubby says why not go with and make something vintage. You love vintage. He is so right. Shabby Cottage came to mind.
I threw in pops of aqua.
We cant forget about the glass knobs. Ok so they are more pearl like. If I had a door I would put one on there too. I just love those crystal/glass nobs. Oh my gosh. I have not done the people yet. I just finished this and had to get photos before the rain came again. I am taking this to Stitch Rock with me.

Shenandoah Pyrex Bowl

anniescupboards Reply 1:06 PM
I found this large Shenandoah printed bowl this morning. I have a smaller one just like this. Now I have a set? How many come in this set? I really love this print. It's very Spring to me. I love spring time. I had to drop my son off at school and you know with that thrift store right next door I can't resist. I felt that Pyrex radar going off. Now I have been reading over at Pyrex Collective how the girls there are using the numbers on the bottom of the dishes to reference them as well as naming the print. This one has a few numbers on it. I will have to learn more about these so called numbers. Which is which and what is what. I am so new.
This is not Pyrex. It's Glass Bake. I have been passing it every time I go to the thrift store. I have a green Glass Bake dish very similar to this. This has a divider just like the green one. I actually like this blue more than the green. Lots more. But it's not PYREX! So I kept passing it. Until today since it was still there and 75% off. For .90 cents I said, FINE I will take you home. It very clean and bright and so new looking.
I purchased this lovely Pyrex lid for .60 cents. I like 75% off days. I don't feel so bad just buying a lid. I took a close up so you can kinda see the Pyrex logo on the lid. There is also a number on this lid. It's so dirty.

Vintage Pyrex Connection

anniescupboards 4 8:56 AM
So over the weekend I got tapped on the shoulder and was shown a blog all about vintage Pyrex. Girls like me who thrift, Etsy, Ebay, yardsale and scour the streets of their towns for Pyrex. Come take a peek here at The Pyrex Collective. I have been asked to contribute to the blog. Yipee! I read that entire blog Friday night. If you love vintage Pyrex you should totally come over and visit. And often. You know how much I love Pyrex! I am so happy to find a bunch of girls to show off my Pyrex too, cause you know hubby is like way over it. HA! Speaking of hubby, he went thrifting with me this weekend. We passed by a store and I was like please please please lets stop I feel Pyrex calling my name. I was right. It was calling me. I found this Pyrex Pink trimmed bowl. Its rather large. I know it goes to a set. This is a serving bowl. I have 2 plates to match this. I am not into collecting this set. However I am into selling or trading to get the sets completed I do want. No Pyrex will be turned down here. Its like gold.
I found this beautiful set of tea plates and cups. They are rather large. I do not know the maker or name of this. They feel Pyrex like. There is no marking on any of the pieces. I saw a few sets like this when I visited Lancaster, PA 2 years ago. I really wanted them. However I did not like the $40.00 price tag they had for a set of one. I found this set of 4 for 4.99. I was so happy to see them. Usually at that thrift store they would mark it way more. I think the person who usually does the marking in that store no longer works there. Cause lately all the Pyrex has been affordable there when usually its so out there in price for a thrift store. Even if they are not Pyrex items they would totally mark up certain items. Lately. Not so. (BIG FAT THRIFTY SMILE)

I found this aqua snowflake Pyrex beauty. Sure it a little scruffy. Still has lots of life left for me. I was so happy the lid was on it. Usually they sell the lids separate. When there is this much ware on Pyrex it means 2 things, one they used the dishwasher to wash it, two they loved it so much they kept using it. I hand wash all my vintage Pyrex.
I found my second butter dish. Its the same one I already have. So now I have 2. I know someone who has more than just 2 butter dishes. Her. She who has the most wins!

So happy to meet all you new friends who are coming over for some Pyrex love. Nice to meet you. I am drooling over your blogs and your wonderful finds. I am so happy to be able to share Pyrex Love with you!

Purple Woodsy Peg Doll Houses

anniescupboards 5 11:48 AM
I made 2 purple peg doll houses for my upcoming craft show. I made them the same colors but not in the same places. Purple is a FAVORITE of mine. I don't use this color enough.

I shall be listing what does not sell at my craft show over in Etsy in my shoppe.
It started raining on me while taking these photos. I prefer to take my photos outside. It shows the true color of my creations. But when it rains, what can you do? This house is hubby's favorite. He loves the pops of pink I threw in there. He said its really POPPING for him. Yes!

I am searching for more homes! I currently have only 1. And that is my stash house for me. I am keeping that one. I still have no idea what I want my house colors to be. I am love the hot pink then I love the red and aqua combo and I totally could rock out the purple. I thought after all this play time I could just go back and choose something I did already painted and love. I have too many loves. I have to just narrow it down. Which is not easy. When you love lots of colors.

Pyrex Monday mixed with First Day of School!

anniescupboards 4 2:02 PM
I am stumbled upon a really awesome find today. This one even came in the box. THE BOX! This is called a 2 Quart Casserole & Warmer. Aqua! This holder is way more fun than the others I found the other day. I would have never known this set was complete Pyrex. I am learning what all the pieces came with Pyrex. There are a few types of holders. I never found Pyrex in its original box. I must say I got all crazy excited over the used cardboard. Yeah I am keeping the box. I know. I know. Its a box. But its Pyrex. I found a really fun blog that also loves Pyrex. She has some really fun stuff. Check it out here!
Underneath the bowl is a metal circle piece that is slotted. That comes out and you slip a candle in the brass base. There is still one in there. This bowl is dirty. Looks as if someone used it once and put it back in the box. Minus the washing. The inside is sparkling clean. Weird. Maybe they just tested it and used it for something like bread? They lit the candle and there is a little ring mark at the bottom of the Pyrex dish. But it all came out with soap and water.

My 9th grader is at his first day of school today! I am so happy I found a school that is a good fit for him. We are still homeschooling just getting help in the subjects I am not able to teach. I am still teaching History and Science. I found a bunch of used books at the thrift store to help me. My friend also told me of Its an Ebay company that sells used books. School books are totally reusable. Once I finish with mine I will sell them there and get new ones as well from there. I had no idea this site even existed.
I found a book for me!
I am going through this yellow phase still. I found some really pretty vintage bangles. I wish they were Bakelite. They look it just don't feel it.
I love little pretty trinket boxes. This is cute and round and opens nice and closes nice. I have no idea why I had to have it. Just had to.
Its been a while since I have found worthy scarves. I found some today. No Vera in there. Maybe next time. These are so soft. The wind was trying to take them away.

Thrifty Vintage Thursday finds

anniescupboards 6 1:42 PM
I purchased those Pyrex holders I was talking about. They were sold with Pyrex to hold them. That way you don't have to use a pot holder at the table. Its like a fancy trivet. Plus if your carrying it from the oven to the table you wont have to worry about touching the Pyrex dish. This Pyrex dish is from my collection. I don't have a dish for the larger holder. I see these holders from time to time. I read some place they are hard to find. I thought I should grab them now before I regret it. You know how that stings! They were 50% off too. *joy* They are not as exciting as Pyrex but they are Pyrex. I know just like the lids to Pyrex not as exciting as the main piece but still charming and needed, Eventually right? I should buy a few lids next time.

This vintage sheet is going on Etsy. I am going to list a few vintage finds today. Yes today. I have been slacking so much in the online time seeing how I have been doing so much crafting. My craft show is coming up fast!
I found this adorable brown/aqua/pink vintage sheet. With 2 pillowcases. I really love these colors.

One lonely pillowcase in all its flower power glory.
Hello 1980's calling. Hearts were so big then. They still are.

Potluck Crafting Party

anniescupboards 10 10:15 AM
Yesterday was an amazing fun day. I gathered with a few local crafty friends and we crafted and ate and laughed and had so much fun. We all brought a potluck dish over. I brought the wings and some avocado. I made the wings. Ok more like drummies. I roasted them in the oven with herbs and garlic and I was told they were yummy. (I always thought my roasted chicken tasted good now I have confirmation oh yeah) I like them better roasted than fried.

The host of the evening. Thank you AMY for letting us make a mess.
We all lugged what we are currently working on and crafted together. We decided later that this is a must do at least once a month and we have to have teaching classes. Each of us know a craft and can share and learn. The giggles were happening so much. We are going to choose different locations and depending on the weather have a few fun field trips. The cupcakes were vegan and can I tell you how much I enjoyed them? I ate 2.

Hollie put this little gathering together. She is awesome for doing this. I am so excited for the next one. I had so much fun. I love getting to know each of us on a more personal level and seeing what makes them shine.

I can't wait for the next one.

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