Craft Show Countdown

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I am still sewing. I made a few more aprons over the weekend. I used up the scraps of my binding. I thought they looked really colorful and cute with some mix matched bindings on them. I also have been making more bags. Small and large. My PYREX fabric has been cut. Oh my. Ok its not really pyrex fabric. I just call it that. It more like Spirograph's. Remember those as a kid?But I have a pyrex dish that has these same patterns on it so I call them Pyrex fabric. Maybe I should give up the name Pyrex fabric. (giggle).

I have been loading all my photos in my scrapbook for the craft show. Just in case anyone wants to see some of my past creations. They can just give a little peek inside the book. I found some great scrap booking paper at Michael's craft store. The whole packet of paper was only $12.00 but after my 40% coupon, $7.49. Bargain. Those papers are REALLY costly. I didn't know paper crafting can be so costly. I adore the paper that is inside this packet. Lots of personal favorites. I wish it was fabric.

More craft show goodies

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Oh boy. You think I was trying to tempt to fly down just to visit my booth huh? Have I? I am still making goodies. I love those little soap bottle aprons. Can you tell which is my favorite? I shall be burning the midnight oil from here on out. Too much ticking and tocking!

Vintage Button Fabric Bracelet

anniescupboards Reply 2:30 PM

This morning about 6:30 am I was up watching a TV show that comes on every Wednesday on HGTV called B. Original. Its a DIY Network show. So I am happy to sneak a peek every Wednesday since I don't have that channel. Well this morning she was making bracelets from vintage buttons and using elastic. I decided to spin it a bit and used my trusty aqua fabric. I didn't sew it as straight as I wanted. But its ok. I am the one who is gonna wear it so I will wear it proud. I won't sweat the small details. I just love it. Ok back to craft show prep. XOXO

Anna-Ann Pokey Dot

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After my blog skipping fill I went back to work this morning and sewed up more doll bodies. But I was becoming bored again. After I finished what was on my plate, I took a little break from the craft show prep and made myself a *little bit happier* today. She is so small. Her name is Anna-Ann Pokey Dot. I just took a few minutes (hours actually)and had a little play time therapy. I get so ugh making the same thing over and over. Yet I love it. I annoy myself. I am going to make just a few for the show. Maybe? tick tock, tick tock.

Skipping thru the blog trail

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I have been sewing non stop for weeks. Today I am needing a break. Not a shopping break. Even tho I would love to just do that. I have been hitting up all my favorite bloggers and seeing what they have been up to. I have some links and info I would love to share with you. Come skipping with me.

Over at Janes Apron, she scored 2 jar full of vintage buttons. Lucky girl. I am a big fan of the bakelite buttons myself. Just something about a jar full of vintage mixed buttons that makes us girls excited. Its better than jewerly if you ask me. Jane also found tips on how to know if your bakelites are really bakelites. She has a link from Oodles and Oodles. Here is the direct link for you. It involves a white cloth and scrubbing bubbles. Now when you purchase something from Ebay or vintage shopping you can test to see if its really bakelite.

Poor Very Mary has been having dental problems. She is so funny even thru all the pain.

Sew Retro has been very busy making clothing. I am jealous.

Anitque fabric Anyone? I am turning over sofa cushions for loose change. I need to to save my pennies. Yikes.

Vintage Singer sewing box.Oh flash back. My Mom has this.

Vintage Sewing Patterns

Vintage Magpie created a bunny named Blossum and I want him.

anniescupboards name?

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How did I get come up with name you ask? Why is it all pushed together as if its one word? Well let me tell you. I adore Raggedy Ann. I love to make dolls that look like her. If Raggedy Land existed, which is does you just have to use your imagination to get there. They would all look like my dolls. What? I created my own Raggedy world? So? (doesn't everyone play?) I also like to make other stuff and I love cupboards and you never know whats inside one till you open the doors. So anniescupboards was invented. Its all one word cause on the Internet you cant have spaces to your url. Also Ebay, Etsy and blogger won't let you have spaces. So eventually it just came all together and has stayed that way! There you have it.

Practice Craft Show Table

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This is just a practice set up. I had to do this so I know how I am going to display my items. My friends suggested I do it. Can I tell you how glad I am I did. I like everything to be picture perfect. I have some things to change tho. Like the dolls that are surrounding the white tub with the fabric bags. I forgot about my large fabric bags. So I will use that space to display them. I am going to have a bunch of dolls tied to the trellis. I will also have felt on the top and botton of the trellis to prevent any boo boos from happening. My show is in a vintage gym. We have to be careful of the floors and walls. I also need to add a few things to the table. I didn't have everything on the table. I was just placing things and seeing how the display would look. I havent set out my price tags and such. Trust me there are things missing and some adjusting I will need to do. BUT! The over all look is there. This is how you will see my table. Sorta. (giggle)

Vintage Button Felt hair clips

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I am currently sewing these. I really love all my vintage buttons. Maybe I should just keep them all for myself. I am greedy with my buttons.(giggle)

Craft Show Dolls

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I have made 31 dolls. So far. I am not done yet. I already have more started. I am just busy over here. It's total crunch time with less than 3 weeks left remaining until showtime. I did not have time to pose my girls. I just have so much on the table to get going. Oh and the dolls were not liking that. No one was wanting to stay still or look at me for the group photo. Lots of hair pulling and girls being naughty. *Tisk*Tisk* In a room they all go until everyone is sugar and spice and of course NICE!

I have created a new doll in this doll making process. I made a doll smaller than my 15" cupboard doll. Not only small in height but smaller in arms and legs and head and body shapes. You can use one fat quarter of fabric and make her dress. I will have a pattern for her soon. I just have too many dolls to get finished. So the pattern will go on my "to do" list. Who wants to come over for a stuffing party? I will make yummy snacks and we could find an all night movie fest on some channel.....ok? hello?

Embriodered Craft Show Tote Bags

anniescupboards 7 1:55 PM
I have been working on these for the craft show. I have one more to add to this pile and then I will be finished with them. I just wanted to do a few. They are canvas and perfect for your groceries at the market.

Autumn Gifts

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My dear sweet friend Mickey has gifted me. She is too kind to me. How did she know my favorite perfume is Clinque Happy? I am loving my handmade Halloween faces she made me. They are going to look perfect in my Autumn display. Oh to open the chocolate covered sunflower seeds. (small inside joke about the sunflower gifted theme, I confess I didn't know sunflower seeds came from actual real sunflowers, go ahead you can laugh at me too) Mickey THANK YOU, Your just too too sweet on me!! XOXO

Vintage Field Trip Day!

anniescupboards 2 2:48 PM

Oh I found a few goodies today. I was lucky enough to get a few pyrex. I paid about $1.00-$2.00 for them. Great deal I say. They do not have the lids but Ebay has oodles. I was able to find a few vintage linens. I don't know what one says. Is that Dutch? German? Swiss? Do you know? Some people look over the vintage linens with the calendars on them. I don't know why. They are perfect for those who loved that year or era. I am going to make them into some shopping tote bags for my craft show. There is a ton of buttons in that jar. I almost passed on them. I pass on vintage buttons? You see I could not resist. I wanted to spill them out in the store to see what was all inside. I waited till I got home. What a treasure of vintage buttons inside. Oh goodness. Really good yummy ones.

I did get a few vintage items for my craft show booth display. I found a cake plate. Its too sweet. This will be on craft show table. I also grabbed a large red enamelware bowl. I thought it would be perfect to hold all my fabric wallets. Its under the firkin bucket. I found a firkin bucket! (giggle) Oh and the vintage dolly wanted to come with me. She needs a makeover. She will keep my other dolls company in the doll house. I have never found this many yummy finds in one visit. It was too fun going thru everything and looking. I have been stuffed up in my house for a few weeks just staring at the my walls and working that sewing machine overtime. I am so glad I went on a vintage field trip!

I told you so.

anniescupboards Reply 8:28 AM

I told you so.
Originally uploaded by Erin Or Die.
I want a CAKE STAND!

Cute Birthday Girl Cupcake

anniescupboards Reply 8:26 AM

Cute Birthday Girl Cupcake
Originally uploaded by traoki
something to put on the plates.

Happy Spring

anniescupboards Reply 8:24 AM

Happy Spring
Originally uploaded by ruby_fig
What a great idea. Plus you can change colors during the seasons.

cake stand done - ta dah!

anniescupboards 1 8:21 AM
Oh a tutorial on how to make your own! Exciting! Click this photo for the info!

lots o' cake stands

anniescupboards Reply 8:19 AM
I am looking for cake stands. I want to use them in my craft show. I am drooling over at the ones in flickr. Excuse me while I drool.

Stitch Rock Indie Craft Show, Flyer

anniescupboards Reply 8:37 AM
I scanned the front and the back together. The front is the girl with the ball of yarn. (cute huh?) My name is in print for the first time. (gushing) I am in gold lettering and you prolly can't see it. Its above dreads & curls designs & creations. I got oodles of these posters to plaster all over my town. And you bet I will be out there doing so.

The count down had begun. Only 27 days left till the show.

Maryjane shoes at Walmart

anniescupboards Reply 4:12 PM

I was really shocked to find such cute comfy shoes at Walmart.

We are watching the weather very close at my house this weekend. We have hurricane Ike coming straight for us and we are hoping it does a loopy loop and goes the other way.

Stitch Rock Indie Craft Show, South Florida

anniescupboards Reply 8:25 AM
Be there or be square! (giggle)I am here to tell you a little more information about the 2nd annual Stitch Rock indie Craft Show of 2008. This craft show will be held on Saturday, October 4. You can find the address here.

If you are one of the first 100 visitors you will get a FREE swag bag. Filled with local crafters coupons and goodies. They are having a DIY fashion show. They are giving away free prizes all day long.

A Local Artist will there:

Come by and say Hello to me. I can't wait to meet ya! Remember I am on the second floor, balcony. XOXO updated

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Please drop by and take a peek at my website. My son re-vamped my entire site. He made the graphics too. I think he did a fabulous job. Don't you? Click Here!

the old lady kills me

anniescupboards Reply 12:00 PM
YOU know you are singing this song. EVERYONE is, trust me. Its so bad, its good. I laugh at the old lady giving him the stink eye.

It's still not old.

anniescupboards Reply 11:58 AM
I still listen to this commercial. So I enjoy singing in my commericals.

Orange Grill

anniescupboards 2 11:50 AM
The guy cooking on the orange grill is my favorite. He is so sexy. Go MEAT!

Hillshire Farm, go meat!

anniescupboards Reply 11:48 AM
I am addicted to every single commerical they keep giving us.

Motherboard died

anniescupboards Reply 8:08 AM
My computer died. The motherboard went. Hubby took my hardrive out and purchased a new computer for me. He said he felt dirty for purchasing one. (he can build them with his eyes closed) he has a busy week and will be going out of town and has no time to start a computer building adventure. He did take out my hard drive and was able to recover everything on it. Including my mailing list and my favorites. Two things I always loose when a computer fails me. I also have all my work saved. Now I have double the hard drive space in my new computer. Yippee! More photos to take. (giggle) that is all that is ever in "my documents".

I currently have no access to my website. I do have access I just cant change anything. I need a newer program seeing how my old one works on Windows Xp and now I have Windows Vista. Its an upgrade all around here. So that leaves me to tell you that I will have a new fresh looking website soon. It will still be the same but yet not. I will update you when its all finished.XOOX
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