Sewing Stacks

anniescupboards 1 9:11 AM
I really don't have much to show you but the half sewn piles on my sewing desk. I am creating and busy doing it. I also have a stack of cuffs going on. I like this blue lace one myself. I think I may keep one in that color for myself.
I am on the final leg of teaching junior high to my homeschooling son. For 9th grade we are unsure of what will take place. He may have to take online school. I am not sure I will be able to teach him myself, like I have been doing. He may want to go back to public school. (eek) I prefer he not. The choice will be his. There is so much I don't like about the public school and their system here. Its not for the kids lets just say that and leave it alone. I could keep you here all day with my thoughts about it.

Fabric Ruffle Cuff & buttonholes

anniescupboards 2 2:06 PM
I have been busy for the last few days sewing away. I am in total creation mode from here on out for an upcoming craft show I am attending as a vendor. So while I am busy making things I was itching to play with my buttonhole maker on my sewing machine. I thought goodness "this is gonna be too hard". "You prolly just need to stick to safe areas", "Stay back in your comfort zone in sewing". I almost talked myself out of it. I never listen to myself anyhow so there I was reading the manual and installing the buttonhole foot on my sewing machine. I was making buttonholes and in all sizes till my hearts content. I was loving it. I loved it so much I made a creation I was thinking about making "if I only knew how to sew a buttonhole". Well now I do. And I sat there and did not quit till I figured it all out. With the help of Google, my Bernina sewing machine manual and this blog. I was able to understand and see how mine would work. I don't have the same sewing machine. I have a 230 but we all use the same feet on our machines. I felt like such a champion. I was going around screaming, "I can make buttonholes"! So off I am to make all kinds of different cuffs for my show. I am really just too excited about it. Last year zippers. This year buttonholes. Hooray!

Silhouette patterns finished

anniescupboards 2 5:39 PM
These are finally finished and listed in my Etsy shoppe. They come in 3 sizes. The pattern is in PDF format.

Thrifty finds of the weekend

anniescupboards 2 8:35 AM
My newest thrifty love is vintage nightgowns. Not just any either. Cute ones. Ones that cover. Even a few slips have made it into my house. This weekend I found all of these. In one store no less. I do not like sleeping in silk or satin. I sweat. I am not sure why they sell nightgowns and sheets in these fabrics. They are certainly more for looks than to use. I prefer nylon. Its breathable, its soft and you sleep like a baby. Why are all the vintage nightgown adorable and the new ones on the store racks so icky? Someone is slacking in sleepware design.
2 yummy vintage pillowcases. I found 2 new sheet sets and have them listed in my Etsy shoppe. I know already. I did it before I even came here. I am proud of myself. Usually I have to run here and tell you all first of my finds.
I found another Tupperware container. Vintage and yellow. I may not have a full set of the same colors but I do have a full set of fun colors.

Grey makes yellow

anniescupboards 1 8:32 AM
Grey makes yellow pop. I never get tired of wearing these shorts. I try and make a new outfit every time I wear them.

2 bags and 6 dollars

anniescupboards 1 12:51 PM
I found this adorable vintage Linette floral tin. Its perfect. I am gushing over it hard. I paid $2.00. I am not sure what to keep in it yet. I am keeping in my bedroom. Its just so pretty.

I found another theormos. This one is from 1971 and is made by King-Seeley. This is a heavy one. It hold a pint of liquid. It's metal not plastic like my other ones. The top and the inside is all plastic and very very clean.
I found this full size fitted pink and purple floral sheet. Its very pink and very pretty. I was going to sell it in my Etsy shoppe and then I noticed it had a sewn mark and you can tell. There must have been a hole at one point and the previous owner sewed it together. Not very good either. Its just a small area, but it qualifies as scrap fabric now. I can see a few things being made from this. I really love the flowers and the color combo.
This must be a king size sheet. I am not sure. If it is I might not cut it apart like I was planning to.
I paid 25 cents for each of these fans. They are from the 60's. They are from Japan. They are vintage. They all open. There is very little flaws on them. The lady at the counter told me that she was in the back when they were marking those the other lady in the back told her to throw those away. That no one would buy them and they are junk. WHAT? I told the girl oh my, please please please, sell everything. Someone like me will come in and buy it. Just you wait. She said "Your PROOF". I told her I come to shop for myself, my house and my crafting supplies. So what others feel is junk is not really. Its someone elses taste, just not yours. Hopefully I filled her with knowledge and she will pass it around so others will not throw out what they think is "junk". Look at those fans. They are adorable. So not junk. Not to me anyhow.
I really do not even know what these are. They are pretty and aqua. Tiny small glass plates. I got all these thrifty items for $6.00. I love thrifty scores. I am going to gush over my tin some more. I am sure to think of something to put in there.

Felt Brooch

anniescupboards 1 11:13 AM
I am making a bunch of these for my upcoming indie craft show. I am using all my silhouettes to make a few different ones. These would look so perfect with a cardi sweater or that perfect sundress. I know some of you are still freezing in the USA and are under several inches of snow and your not thinking about sun dresses. South Florida is not like that. So we get to wear sundresses NOW, actually you could have started 2 weeks ago. The weather is perfect. Its chilly for me seeing how its 62. I am sure that is summer weather for some you?

Pin Poke Cakes

anniescupboards 2 2:32 PM
I made another pin cushion. Ok 3. More are on the way. I am making a few different pin pokes to offer at my up coming indie craft show. I made all of these from vintage items. I used vintage bed sheets, vintage plastic buttons and vintage tea cup plates. These are called Pin Poke Cakes.

a green and yellow basket

anniescupboards 4 11:56 AM
I found all these vintage plastic baskets in one store, on one shelf, all stacked together waiting for me. They are so bright and pretty. I am thinking they might show up on my craft table at my shows and my bedroom. That red one is just the cats meow. I love the scallops. The two in the front are pretty big. The ones in the back are bigger than the fast food type of baskets. I am not a basket person. Yet these called to me. The colors lured me in and then the closer of a look I got...bam. Had me. The design/pattern is crazy good.
Keeping in with the yellow theme that seemed to happen this week. I found 2 vintage floral pink and yellow pillowcases. Gotta love finding two. I paid 3 whole dollars for them. I need the sheets so I can make myself a slipcover for my bedding. They always come in twin sizes. I have a king size bed. Now I can work with queen, but finding these in queen let alone king? Prolly not going to happen. If I find 2 sets of twins then hey now we are talking. But I want this pattern and in these colors.

Silhouettes for your wall

anniescupboards Reply 10:06 AM
I finished all my silhouettes I was working on. They sure do make a wall look pretty. My ugly beige wall needs all the help it can get. I am going to offer these as a pattern and sell it in my Etsy shoppe. I just need to finish making the sizes (I am offering each one with 3 sizes) The pdf pattern should be available soon. There is a beehive lady, child with a hair bun (oh and a lady). A boy with a gnome hat and a ponytail girl. All five will be offered in the pattern.

Thrifty Yellows

anniescupboards 2 3:11 PM
I found a few yellow thrifty items today. I found this vintage Springfield yellow king size flat sheet and this corning ware dish with lid. This is my first kings size thrifty sheet I am keeping for my bed. I hardly ever find king size and if I do they are not really in the condition you want to put on your bed. I have this corning ware dish. I have the larger one. This one came with a lid. My other one has no lid. It was extra nice that it was 50% off too. So it only cost me $2.00.
The photo above and below are not marked. They fit into the "Pyrex" family really nice.

I found this full size sheet set. Its really bright. Its pretty. The bottom fitted is torn on the edge that goes over one corner. Bummer. But not really. I try not to use really good sheets for crafting unless there is some really bad flaws. This qualifies as a bad flaw so its scrap. Fabric scrap. I am going to sell the top sheet and pillowcase on Etsy and keep the bottom sheet for my scrap piles. I should show you all the vintage sheets I keep for myself. I have a few that I am going to do something with. I am I really am going to do something with them. Even if its just lay them out and stare at them. If I get a really good sun day this week I will take them outside and give you a peek.

Stitch Around The Corner

anniescupboards 1 8:26 AM
Do you remember a couple weeks back I said I have something exciting coming for you. Well its here. Actually, it has been here for a bit. I have a new blog called: Stitch Around The Corner. A few of my stitching pals are also apart of this blog. Come stop by and get to know them and our new blog. Its a sewing blog. Its just all about sewing. There will be free tutorials and patterns. You will find a community forum you can visit with other stitchers. If your new to sewing or Miss Advanced, we invite you to come on over. Come share your experience or first times with our community. We are going to rate products we use. We shall be giving lots of tips on sewing. We shall interview other stitchers and get to know about them and what makes them stitch.

Our goal is to "inspire you with needle and thread".
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