Thrifting Finds on Friday

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I found this medium sized bakeware Fire King Floral Dish.
1960's Mod girl and boy coffee/tea mugs.
I found these piece today and I had no idea what it was. I will tell you what I am going to use it for. Baked Goodies. Any time I have purchased /baked something sweet I have no place to keep it. If you leave it out its an invitation for the ants to come have a snack too. After research I have found this is a celery keeper, It can be used for a sandwich-size loaf of bread, packages of lunch meat, or two dozen eggs.It even holds cans of soda pop.
Floral vintage bed sheets.

I have been up so early this morning that I was able to squeeze in a quick thrift stop. And lucky for me I did. I have been being really good and using all my time to sew and keep crafting till my craft show comes. Everything is just poke poke poking along. The homeschooling is going as expected. Lots of me saying write slower and neater. Reread that my dear. Summer is still on his brain. Who's isn't. I know mine is. We don't actually start feeling any summer ending change. Its pretty hot/muggy here for a bit. We are now in Hurricane Season. And you can feel it. There will be more rain I am sure. But for now its been really nice and still summer like. Maybe by November we will get less humidity.
Happy Weekend!

Pin Cushion made the recycled way Part 2

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I have decided to make them this way. I just didnt like the rick rack covering the jar lid. As much I wanted this to clearly be seen as a recycled item. But me the picky person wanted a bit cuter. I mean when they get close enough to it they will pick it up and look at it and know its a baby food jar. Even when they open it. I also wondered how the glue would look on the glass in lets say a years time? Will it yellow? It does not say on the glue itself. So I thought just leave the glass open so you can see whats inside anyhow. I like them much better. I am keeping the one I made yesterday tho. I love pin keeps. I collect ones that strike my fancy and this surely does. I made one with my own ribbon. I just embroidered the letters with my sewing machine and used an plain ecru fabric ribbon. I always forget how to program the letter part on the sewing machine. Its so easy, yet I forget. I am thankful my machine came with a thick manual and a short cut manual. I of course use the short cut manual and it helps me all the time. Remember I purchased this last year? Best sewing machine ever: Bernina Activa 230 Model.

Pin Cushion made the recycled way

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I am making a couple of these for my craft show. They are so cute. They are made from scraps of vintage sheets, scraps of rick rack and and a old jar of baby food. I will enclose some stick pins but my pretty vintage buttons...those are not going to be included. You have to find your own pretties!

small layered vintage zipper jar no. 3 - © amalia versaci 2009

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small layered vintage zipper jar no. 3 - © amalia versaci 2009
Originally uploaded by Amalia Versaci

now that is cool. I have seen this done before. I really love the look of it. I am a textured person so I would be playing with this and holding it a bunch. I like that kind of art. Great for the senses.

Pins from the Big Jar Lid Bling Series

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Pins from the Big Jar Lid Bling Series
Originally uploaded by myauntdebbie

Now if you have any lids...this is too awesome.

Set of Terrariums

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Set of Terrariums
Originally uploaded by alwaysamy.etsy

Oh I should make something like this. I really adore adore so very very much. Yes enough to repeat myself again and again.

Baby Food Jars Repurposed

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* jar collection
Originally uploaded by kika*de*colores

I have a friend who gave me a bunch of jars and I am in need of a quick of ideas. I love to check out flickr to see what people are doing with things. Flickr is just an amazing place to gaze and get lost with lost of pretty photos and tutorials and such. You never know who or what you will find over there. Next time your doing a search try them.

Thrifting & Crafting is all

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I always see phones like this for sale. This one was cheap enough not to pass up. It works and has lots of long wall cord. I would have rather had a black or red one. So I think I shall craft this one up and make it more me. We have no land phone lines here. We use cell phones. Why have so many bills? We stopped using a land line 3 years ago when the hurricanes were coming threw here left and right. The cell phones were the only phones working during the storm. Not all the time tho. But when you can have internet and phone service when the power is out in your house, you become very happy and wonder what good is that land phone for? Not to mention free long distance. Today's future forces yesterdays leftovers into art.
I found a set of 4 cups and 1 mug of that "milk type looking glass". They have the same look as Pyrex, Fire King and Anchor Hocking. However they are none of those. They are called Termocrisa. They were made in Mexico. How cool is that they have made similar dishes. I like them. You can find a few on Ebay here. I hope to find more. I see some cute ones. These are red and blue. I personally think they say Christmas. (50 cents each)
I found this plastic napkin holder & this Aladdin Thermos. It has hardly been used. I am going to use this. I used to have one when I was a kid. You remember them don't you? Come peek over here. I used to have Charlie Brown/Peanuts and I had Holly Hobby. I need to ask my sisters what they had. I don't remember and now I am really interested in knowing, Pronto. I love that this one has a handle. I just love holding it. That I could just carry it with me anywhere and have something refreshing or soothing to drink/eat. They have the screw tight lids so you know nothing is escaping and the lid that turns into a handy little cup. And don't forget you can unscrew the bottom and clean that area out if needed or replace your cooling/heating unit/cup inside. Oh and that game box you see me stacking things on. That is actually a vintage game board that folds out and the inside part has all these little wood carved pieces. All of them there. This dates from the 1970's.

Now normally I am not an Avon collector. But this screams hello use me and I am super cute and only 50 cents you must take me home. So I did. I am going to clean it and use it. Its a hand pump. Its made of glass and has some weight to it. It very bright. Love in an instant.
I almost over looked these. They were stacked among a bunch of things and kinda almost just got lost. Almost. The yellow bowl is not that big its a Fire King bowl (25 cents) and the plate is pink Pyrex (50 cents) I also found a set of 4 wood carved floral napkin rings. Those are getting a make over.

Oh Yipee. I have not been thrifting in a while cause I am just too busy. I have been sewing away super woman like and painting away. I am going to offer a variety of crafts this year and I hope to get them all done. I think as a vendor you have this fear/panic that sets in a month before the show. You wonder if you will have enough. Did you make enough of the right things and did you offer all of your talents for sale? Some vendors I think have stock kept hidden away. Maybe they have stores or they just started making things way earlier than I? No way. I have OCD remember? haha I know I will have enough to show off I mean sell. HAHA. I am at the point of where I am running out of room to hide all my handmades. They will soon have to come out of hiding from around the house and into storage bins. There is lots I don't want to let go but must for the sake of Art and self Indulging in a little bit of OH YES...I made this.

Home school is going back into full swing on Monday. (did you hear the little one scream? lol) We have lots of reading and Science and History to learn. Oh yes. I think more field trips should be done this year. Visit some state parks. We have lots of historical and science things to do around here. We need to learn about history past and present. Maybe spark a future job for the little man. Oh wait he is in 8th grade. No more little man stuff. Shoot. I hate that they grow and get all teenager like. haha.

Autumn Primitive Raggedy Ann Dolls

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I just listed these Autumn Themed Primitive Rag dolls in my Etsy Shoppe. I have more dolls on the table waiting to be made. I need to get to them asap. Maybe I just can keep going all week? Oh I hope so. I am trying to get lots of things completed this month. I have a few side projects and my craft show I am making fresh stock there too. Lots of hand making over here in this house this summer. I love it. I love to be busy with my sewing/crafting. It just heals and helps the mind so much. I really don't know how but by me building a doll I release so much stress and then I am very proud at the end.

I am still looking for Create n Decorate magazines. I know they just came out and we shall have plenty of time to get a few but I WANT THEM NOW. Ever get like that? Like have to have it just so you know you have it?

I got my Create & Decorate Oct 2009 Issue

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This afternoon my hubby got home from work early and had made it to the mailbox before me. He says my you have something here, What is it? I had no idea. I opened the package and discovered 2 copies of the latest Create and Decorate Magazine. Sent to me by them. Wow Thank you Ever so much (people behind the scenes). I have been looking all over for this magazine and its so hard to come by and well now I don't have to go frantic searching. HorraY! I was so nervous opening the magazine. I quickly turned to page 22 and there she was. My doll. In PRINT. Oh my goodness. I can not tell you the flood of emotion that had came over me. Me in a magazine. My goodness. I am so proud of myself for so many different reasons and this is just icing on my cake. I really love how the dolly looks. She was photographed so well. She is on a WHOLE page. A whole page. How wonderful is that? I love that she was photographed in outside surroundings. I must have smiled for 20 mins just gazing.

I have a few friends who are in this issue as well. This one is a must have issue. There are so many good projects in there. You must get the magazine. (I am still going to be getting extra copies and put some in my Etsy shoppe. They will be the same cost as what I paid and you just pay shipping)

Come join my Vintage bed sheet Group on Flickr

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items in Vintage Bed Sheets and Pillowcases RepurposedMore in Vintage Bed Sheets and Pillowcases Repurposed pool

Come show off your vintage finds and what your making with them. Or decorating. I want to drool and so do others. Thank you!

I am making Themed Retro, Primitive and Hello Kitty Doll Houses

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You might remember I was starting these last year? Well I only completed the Retro one. I started working on the others this week. I have been having more fun that work. I really adore putting this all together. I only have 4 houses. 1 Primitive, 1 Retro, 1 Hello Kitty Themed. I am not sure what to do with that last one. These are going to be for sale at my craft show coming in Oct.

Thrifted Retro Scarves

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I found a couple of adorable retro scarves. The polk a dot one is for the hair as well as the neck. I just adore scarves. I see some Hollywood types using thick heavy ones for a fashion statement this summer. I am not sure what that is all about. Its summer goodness. You need light floating pretty scarves. And when the summer wind messes/frizzes up your hair you have an instant wrap ready to wear. I keep bobby pins in my purse do you? Those are another handy beauty tool. Sometimes you don't want your clip seen.

My Big News: I am in Create & Decorate Magazine

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Yes. I know, its so amazing. Me, Sherry Marrero of is in Create & Decorate Magazine. I am now a published doll maker. I have been working behind the scenes here for over a year. Yes I have been keeping this quiet for that long. I am in the current FALL issue of Create & Decorate magazine. Now I don't have anything to show you as of yet, cause I don't have a copy of it myself. I know, I shall. My friends who have the magazine subscription actually emailed me and pointed it out. I am on Page 22. Remember, Its the fall issue. It has not hit the newsstands yet. You can believe I shall go get a few copies. Yipppeee!!

When I get a copy I am going to get give one away here on my blog. That means a contest is coming! XOXO

I am really excited. This is just the beginning too. I told you I had some big news to share with you all. I am just so proud to have my work in a magazine. If you would be interested in buying a copy just comment and I will see how many I can pick up and you can purchase them in my Etsy shoppe. Cause I am not sure Paris has access to this magazine? Canada? UK? Japan?

I wanted to take the time to thank my friends who pushed me for the last 4 years to get in this magazine. I finally stopped judging myself as an artist and learn to be exhilarated in my creations. XOXO

Currently on my plate

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I have a bunch of to do's. Seriously a whole mess of them. Lets start with that website of mine. I am so embarrassed. I have slacked on it. I have not updated it like I planned to in the spring. There are no dolls for sale even tho I have 2 listed. They found homes long ago. I feel so terrible about not being able to keep up. It happens tho. I just can't be one of them supergirls who run everything like a pro. I am totally not slacking tho in the craft show making dept. or the being a mom and wife dept. So that should count for something. I have a few items on my to do list and one of them is fixing and updating my website. Nothing major just need to clear out the cobwebs.

I am currently making dolls to fill my site and my Etsy Shoppe. I really love Etsy don't you? You can find oodles of vintage. Supplies for your crafting needs and bunches of knifty crafted items from handmade artists themselves.

I have to shop for all my homeschol books and supplies these next few weeks. I am teaching 8th grade this year. I kinda of said that with with a whimpy cheer. I just have more to teach. I love it Don't get me wrong. But it means I too have to repeat the 8th grade. HAHA!

Comepletely random, while typing to you I am sitting on my back patio and I saw 8 butterflies flying around and a squirrel who MISSED his jump.

Vintage handmade 60's quilt

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Yesterday I found this vintage handmade quilt. Its actually a quilted bed spread. Its from the 1960's. Look at the print. Its so pretty and vivid. I am guessing this is a king size. I will test it on my bed but I will wash it first. Ya never know. haha I paid 6 bucks for this. I really like it. I almost didn't buy it. I was just trying to find a use for it. Should I cut it up? Should I just sell it whole? Should I just use it for a picnic at the park? So many options.

South Florida Indie Craft Show- StitchRock 2009

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Come one come all! Bring your friends! Bring your family. Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009. Doors open at Noon till 6pm. This is an indoor a/c show. You have 2 floors to shop. You have an elevator to help you get to that second floor. There is covered FREE parking. Admission is $5.00. (kids 12 & under are free when they come with an adult) Be the first one at the door they are giving away 150 goodies bags to the first 150 shoppers.

Stitch Rock is an annual indie craft fair and bazaar bringing back old school crafting techniques with new school flare! Full of Handmade crafts and unique products like D.I.Y fashion, funky home deco items, natural bath and body goodies, vintage finds, hot rod paintings, pin up photography, and much more! With over 50 vendors, skip the mall, shop indie!

Come find me Sherry from on the 2nd floor balcony.

Lovers in Love Retro Altered Wall Art

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I finished all my wall art projects. This is the last one. I call it Lovers in Love. I have to go and name them all before I forget them and then sign them. Hopefully someone will like my art. You will find them for sale at the Stitch Rock Craft show I am going to vendor. (I posted info on my craft show on the left hand corner of this blog) I did not find any more frames yesterday when I went thrifting with my friend. Which bummed me out cause I am really enjoying my play time in making them. Who knew I would be addicted to paper crafts? You should have heard me this year at the Prim Mart Convention. We took a class on how to work with paper and I was like NOT getting it. I was tearing the paper. Making wrong cuts and making a mess. My friends were like SHUSHY and play. So I did and after practice I did it! Yippee!

Loving my Retro Altered Art

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I changed the art I didnt like. Now I really like it. There are so many cute phrases and sayings in vintage magazines. I love how they use color and different fonts. I dont see much of that in today's magazine. I had all these plans to make more of these. I wanted to do a baking/cooking one. I also wanted to do more pin up girls. But I have only one frame left to use and that is going to be dedicated to lovers in love. I am excited to get started on it but I have a girls day out today. I get to go thrifting with a new friend. I met her at StitchRock last year. Maybe I will find a few more frames today? You never know what you will find thrifting so we shall see!

Retro Altered Wall Art

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I have been making more Retro Wall Art. I never really play with paper as a craft. I am getting addicted. There is no wrong or right way to play. Sometimes you play and it comes out so right and sometimes you play and it comes out so wrong. I am not fond of the third one. I am going to trash it and start over. It seems crooked all over and I am not pleased with the photos and how they are arranged. It looked good when putting it together. However completed it just looks....not done. Does it drive me crazy to know I have to remake something over? Yes, but after I finish the remake I am sure I will be happier. If not oh well, I can't always please myself but maybe someone else will be pleased with my creation? There have been plenty of times I make something and say...oh that is never going to sell. 90% of the time I am wrong.

Vintage service aprons

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I found a few aprons and haven't had the time to iron them and show them off to you. I really adore this apron. It's very sturdy. It feels like this apron was starched its whole life. This one and the one below which is a half apron reminds me of service aprons. You know back in the 20's when they would dress in plain clothing with these aprons on top? I see them all the time on the TMC channel. I should make a few. Now that I have 2 in front of me to guide me. Oh and I should make the little hats they wore too.
The apron wraps criss cross on my back and then gets buttoned at the waist. I say this apron screams Alice in Wonderland. All I need is a blue dress.
I found this adorable handkerchief apron. I think that is what this style is called.
Half service apron. My flash was working overtime.
I found this perfect sheet. Perfect cause it has colors and flowers I adore. hehe
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