Vintage Pyrex Bowls

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I just love some good Pyrex finds. This is the Horizon Blue pattern. After researching the pattern on Pyrex Love I found out this set was $3.95 originally. I paid more than that. There was 2 dark rings around the rims of 2 of the bowls. I was able to get rid of the rings by soaking them in hot hot soap water. I then took soap and a toothpick and more soap and started scrubbing. I did not damage them and was able to get the (grease?) marks off. These look more aqua in person than blue. Deep aqua. Inside was totally clean. Sparkling even.
I found this vintage handmade apron. I just adore the colors and print.
Of course I would. I paid $2 for this. I would have paid more. Shhhh!
I found a whole batch of vintage Tupperware. I paid $5.00 for them all. I have no more room for any more bowls in my cabinets. I have resorted to putting them in my pantry which is actually my buffet table. I will need to get a cabinet soon. I have been looking for the right one.
Pyrex mugs.
This is not Pyrex or Fire King or Anchor Hocking. There is no name. I have another one of these. That too is not marked. Yet it looks just like them.
I know I just found 4 of these. I found 4 more. What can I do pass them up for 30 cents? I didn't think so. I can not explain the Pyrex love I have.
I found these set of 6 Leonora plastic plates. They are from 1960's. They are made from the company Prolon in Florence, Mass.
Vintage Fabric Hard Suitcase.

I have been seeing these plates all over. I found this platter and said hey for 49 cents, I will take you home.

Playing with Silhouettes

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I have been making more silhouettes. I have been drawing out a few just free hand. I researched on how to make them from my own profile. All you need is a camera, blank background and you sitting in front of the camera in a profile position. Then you need to take your photo. Then upload it to your computer. Use a program for graphics. (I know, this is why I started drawing my own) Change the setting on your graphics to darken the image. You can also play with the sizing while your in there too, or use your scanner/printer. Then you print and then cut out. Instant profile of yourself. Yet not very instant. But I think you get the idea. I wanted different profiles and not mine. Yet this would be a good project for me to do. I could have hubby and me do some profile photos and make pillows for our bed with them. Maybe.
I am trying to play with different trims and seeing how they look and work with each other.
I am going to be offering the silhouettes I am drawing for sale. I shall make them a pattern and put them in pdf form and in different sizes in case some are unable to have access to making them smaller and larger. I think 3 sizes would be helpful right? I hope to get the pattern made really soon. I have drawn out 5 different profiles so far. This is one of them.

Teacups & Valentines

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I purchased this vintage Fire King teacup set in my travels last year from Lancaster, PA. I have been using it to store my accessories in. I love to repurpose items. I have a vintage Pyrex dish behind this one and it holds my hair clips and rubber bands.
I found these two pieces while thrifting on Friday night. Yes Friday night. Who goes thrifting on a Friday night? ME! Hubby took me out to dinner. We went to a Mexican/Spanish restaurant. My favorite. I just love carnitas with corn tortillas. Its kinda like fajitas. They serve them the same way cept your plate is not sizzling when it comes to you. Its a pork dish. It was so yummy and me thinking of it now is making me hungry for it. I found these 2 milk glass goodies at Goodwill. Yes they are open late on a Friday night. Check your areas and see what time your stores close. This certain location does not open early in the morning so they make it up by staying open till 9pm. This set is going to hold all my misc. goodies I have running around. Like those extra buttons that come with that new shirt you just bought. Or maybe the buttons that fell off. Safety pins, hair pins etc. Hubby complains about going thrifting yet he is always the last one looking through things in there and comes running to me with something vintage he found. (a few times) So he puts up a big fake front like he rather stay in the car but he never does. I am on to you man. I am. Its our secret. I won't tell your friends. Just mine. (buhahaha)
I am making myself Valentines! This is something I never do. Usually I am making dolls for Valentines Day. This year, I have new things to create and I am keeping some for myself. Do you ever create things for you? You should. I picked up a used wood picture frame in the thrift store. I took it home and painted it pink. I like to use spray paint when painting frames. Its fast, easy and you have so many colors to choose from. You do have to spray the frame a few times but it dries really fast. I have a few more I am making. I am making some for my craft show that I am attending as a vendor in March. I just love a fun project. It's not really work. More like play.

I just finished watching Battlestar Gallatica. The series. All of them. Season 1 - 4.5. Hubby watched it with me. Then my oldest son came in for the last few seasons. We were all hooked. It was an amazing drama filled sci-fi infested show. I love Sci-Fi movies/shows. I am going to go back and watch a few of my favorite scenes. I am the biggest Sci-Fi geek you will prolly ever meet. I watched Stargate (all of it) Stargate Altantis (all of it a few times) Dr. Who. Oh I could go on and on. I did not get to see Razor or The Plan so I have 2 more Battlestar goodies to dive into. Yes I am watching Caprica. Its not as fun as Battlestar. I just love the space scenes and fights. Caprica is a little more drama. Not enough action. I know I am so not a girly girl when it comes to tv/movies. Its ok. I make up for it in other ways. I won't excuse myself.

Best Fracking Tv Show EVER!

Thrifty Finds of Friday

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Vintage aqua floral apron. This was handmade. Adorable rickrack trim makes it so perfect.
One vintage flower power pillowcase.
2 vintage floral pillowcases.
1 vintage aqua yummy pillowcase. I hope to find another. I really love aqua and purple and green at the moment on my bed.
2 Vintage shabby pillowcases.
Full set of Pyrex coffee mugs with creamer and sugar bowl.
2 Pyrex dishes. One yellow and pea green. I finally found some Pyrex worth taking home. I have this yellow bowl already. Now I have 2.
Vintage Tupperware found! Yellow Orange floral and a set of Tupperware salad dressing containers. Yes the lids included.

I found this small pink colander. I am thinking of using this as display for Valentines.

Tie One On with the Angry Chicken

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I made this apron for my entry into the "tie one on" with Angry Chicken fun. What am I talking about? Come over to her blog and find out. Usually I sit back and read and see what everyone makes. But this time I was itching to take part. I love aprons. I love vintage ones, handmade ones, new ones. I love me a good apron. I had to take part in this fun. So this round of apron making has to be all black and white. As soon as I read what the theme was I knew what I was going to make. Just was not sure how it would come out. I am currently hooked on gazing at silhouettes online. I just love them. I am also loving me some Barbie lately. I combined all 3 loves and this is what happened. I really had so much fun making this. It inspired me. I recommend getting in on this fun. It feels really good to be productive for myself and not Barbie.
I used black and clear vintage buttons. You can't see the clear ones. They are little flowers. (boo on me for not getting a close up)

Crystal and Poms

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I really love how glass crystal and brightly fluffy poms look. I have been making oodles of poms. They are so bright and fun. I love poms. Do you? Have you been making any? Do you know how too?

Vintage Finds

anniescupboards 1 11:48 AM
I found this vintage yellow thermos with lid. I also found a vintage Tupperware butter dish.

Winter Fashion Stocking Love

anniescupboards Reply 11:41 AM
The Iphone is addicting. Its like a mini computer and they have apps for everything. I don't care to have them all. I just want the fun ones. Like this Polaroid App. You can make all your photos vintage. Ok not really but yeah really.
Color stockings, leggins and knee high socks have been getting used. I am sure you have heard south Florida has been getting some RECORD breaking cold weather. Most of the locals here are loving it. Only the people who came to get away from the cold were seriously crying about it. They should only have to suffer with the heat and humid air for 9 months out of the year. We had a whole week of it. I wished it was more.

Barbie love

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I took this photo with my Iphone. Hubby and I were walking around a toy store so I could check out the latest of local offerings. I about gasped my heart out when I saw this set. $89.00 for this set. (yikes) I have seen them cheaper online but to be able to see them in person is fantastic. Sometimes you only get to see stock photos of the dolls and of course those are not the same as seeing them in person. Ken has flocked hair. (flocked meaning fuzzy like the GI Joe had in the 70's?) There is a bunch of detail in this set. I started asking hubby how much do you think this set was when it first came out? I really love this set. A whole whole WHOLE bunch. They did not come home with me. Yet someone did.
1964 Swirl Ponytail Barbie.
My kids and hubby gasp when I open the box. These boxes are actually easy to open. Just take the top off and there you go. There is no tape or flaps. This box is way better than some of the others. They have flaps. I am careful when I take them out. I don't ruin the box and sometimes I leave things in the box. Like I never take the cards or mini pamphlets that come in there. Even tho I am itching to scan them and look at them in full detail. Maybe one day I will. Most of the time I don't even use the stand the comes with the doll. One of my boxes did not come with one. Sometimes I even leave some of the clothing and toys inside. But I may take them out later. What can I say. I play with Barbie. I totally took that record player out. Both records fit on the turntable and the arm on the record player moves side to side keeping the record in place. Just in case your one of them wondering cause your staring at yours instead of playing.

I heart Haiti!

anniescupboards Reply 11:08 AM
My heart goes to everyone in Haiti. I have been trapped behind my screen here watching videos and photos and stories that are emerging. I pray for them all.

Teacup Pin Poke

anniescupboards 8 3:18 PM
I like that way that sounds. Teacup pin poke. I feel like if I say it really fast, I am speaking another language. I made a pincushion or mini sewing caddy. This is a very easy project to do and so much fun. The best part? Thrifting is involved. You have to go to your thrift store and pick up some teacups or mugs. You will also need to pick up a few saucers. You can mix and match colors and prints. The saucer does not have to match. You can use a larger plate if you need more space for sewing items. I used plain white. You will need 2 kinds of glue. I used a hot glue gun and E6000 glue. That glue is stinky and dangerous. You should read the package and follow the directions. It really works really great. You need to let it dry. Overnight preferred for the best set. It sets up in a few hours but its not superglue with lightening fast dry time. I used E6000 on the buttons. I tried the hot glue gun and they were popping off by themselves. I did use hot glue for the ribbon and rick rack and to secure the fabric. I just made a large yoyo and stuffed it with polyfil. Then closed it and glued that into the cup. I glued the cup to the plate. That way when your carrying all your sewing goodies to the sofa you don't loose or drop anything. (use e6000 for this job) You could make so many different versions of this. Its very addicting. Don't be shy use some with Pyrex or vintage Corelle dishes. I am making a variety of them for my show in March.

Coming soon

anniescupboards Reply 9:37 AM
I have been working on something for you all week. I am not able to spill just yet. But I promise soon. I have been working on this project for sometime but only this past week have I really been focused to get it finished. Come back soon for more details.

Thrifty Vintage finds

anniescupboards 3 10:13 AM
I found some really cute crochet/knitted doily(s). I found 4 red ones. I am going to use them in a project. I am just not sure which one yet. I have 2 yummy ideas. I am sure I will be showing them off at some point. I found 2 White swans. They are just adorable. They have red beaks but seeing how I displayed them on red you can't make them out right away. Things like this make me want to learn more in knitting/crochet.

I found 4 Pyrex mugs. Its been a while since I found any Pyrex worthy of taking home. Lots have been seen. Just far to damaged for me or not a worthy pattern or color. I know picky me.
I found a fabric basket! This is the first time I found one of these while thrifting. I noticed they put the snaps on different than I did and this one still looks the same. Weird. If you want to make one of your own they are really easy to do and I have a tutorial on how to.
I found 2 matching soft as soft can be vintage pillowcases.
I found a vintage Star Wars flat bed sheet! Its really bright and clean. Paid 2.99 for it. Now my son has a matching set. I found the pillowcase not to long ago. I found it at the same place I found the pillowcase. Which made me wonder if the set was donated and just parts of it are floating around until they finish the pile that was donated? I also wondered how come all the sheets/clothing/towels etc are never wrinkled? Are they ironing them in the back? Seriously I have yet to find a wrinkled item in that store. I really would love to go in the back room and take a peek and see what goes on there.
I found this bright and colorful floral Mod Sheet. This will prolly be going into my Etsy shoppe. I have several things to list there and need to get that done. That is a goal for today. Lets see how much work gets done with a new Barbie in the house? I know its Monday but I am still feeling the weekend.

Happy New Year!

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Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010.
And just like that, the Holidays are over. Wow! This Holiday season just passed me by so fast. There is always so much I want to do and so little time to do it. I feel great about 2009. It was a good year for me. Life is what you make of it. I do not focus on the negative (even tho it can really work a nerve in my OCD self.) I have been learning to see the good in everything and if I don't understand it now, I know later I will. Sure there was some teeth pulling this year. (literally) Someone stole my outside orange kitty. He was not mine to begin with. He was a stray but his brother is here with me and I adopted him. The house we are currently renting is going into foreclosure and we have less than a year to move. I have lived on this wonderful block for over 6 years. One of my closest friends had cancer return after being cancer free for many MANY years. Oh gosh I am sounding a little down here. There is plenty of good to out weigh the bad. I was in Create Decorate Magazine. I learned how to sew Barbie clothing. I did 2 Indie craft shows. I went to Harrisburg and Lancaster, PA and visited with all my prim sisters and shopped and talked and laughed and hugged. I found wonderful thrifted items all through 2009. I have 3 cats instead of 2. I did not bite my nails all year. 1 full year of no nail biting? You have NO idea how hard yet easy it was. I found my baby sister on Facebook. Missing after 13 years. We have been in touch ever since. Phone calls, emails, facebooking and snail mail. My family is healthy and happy. I have lots to be thankful for. I am hoping 2010 with be more amazing than 2009.

I have 2 new Barbies to add to my collection. Over the weekend Hubby and I had to venture to Walmart to buy car things, like wiper blades and a bulb for my back break light WHICH no one bothered to tell me it was out and who knows how long for and isnt it annoying to be driving behind someone who has only one break light working? I guess one is better than NONE. Yikes. So while he was busy shopping in the car dept. I skipped over to the Barbie section in the toy dept. When I got half way down the isle I saw lots of clearance signs and stickers on reproduction Barbie dolls and non reproduction ones. Lots of clapping was going on and then I realized it was me. I am not a fan of 1971 Malibu Barbie. (She is so tan she glows) But I do like somethings about her. Like her clothing she came with. Too cute. Her long straight blonde hair. She is wearing blue eyeshadow. She has cute sunglasses. She will model my 1970's Barbie fashion wares just fine and look the part. I really liked her $19.00 price tag the most. I passed her up at full price. I passed her up at $25.00 but $19? I could not pass her up. Just the outfit alone was worth it. I also found (and did some light screaming/cheering) a 1965 My Favorite Career, School Teacher. Isn't she wonderful? I got her for $19.00 as well. I KNOW! She was marked wrong. She actually wrung up 44.99 but had a clearance sticker on her. They let me have her for $19.00 and the guy in the toy dept had some price fixing to do. They marked some of the new dolls on sale by accident. See what happens when someone does not follow the latest Barbie release? haha She was released in December 2009 but not on any shelf (here in South Florida) until January 2010. There are a few new ones you need to keep a look out for. There is the Nurse. There is the astronaut. There is Swirl ponytail Barbie. I want that swirl ponytail Barbie. There is also a Stewardess. I am falling in love with her more each time I see her. She may be on my Santa list this year.
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