Free Felt Soft Stuffed Animal Lamb or deer Pattern

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This is one of the patterns/projects that they give in those vintage craft books I have been reading. I told you they had good stuff in there. I scanned the pattern in 3 parts due to the size of the page. Its in pdf format. I love sharing. Have fun with this one.
With a few alterations I see this being a deer, don't you?

Vintage Greystone's Creative Hands books

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So there I sat reading my Greystone's Creative hands books last night and it keeps referring to other pages in other book in the series. I only picked out the ones I liked. Big mistake. So I had to go back and see about getting the rest of what was left at the store. Thankfully all of them were there since my last visit. But there was never a full set to begin with. There are 22 books in this set. I am missing 8 of them. I have found some of them online. I am sure I wont get my $1.00 a book price and then there is that pesky shipping fee. I will have to dive into these books to see what I am missing. There is a bunch of crafts they teach you in these books. More than what I thought and very informative and helpful. Vintage crafts projects. Its a knitting, dress makers and needle craft book. They have full size patterns and lots of interesting techniques to learn. And of course update for today's crafter.

I found the top Robins egg blue Tupperware jello mold container for .49 cents today. I now have 2.
Vintage wrapping paper that has the cutest mushrooms. Also a vintage folk art painting book.

Handmade Fabric Sketch Journal Book

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I took a used journal (yard sale find) and made a cover for it. Staring at my friends journal she made me got me really wanting to try my hand at it. I used vintage plastic buttons and made fabric yoyo's from retro prints. I stitched a bird and added a smile ribbon to keep it closed.
The book cover is a bit padded. I used some warm and natural batting between the linen fabric.
This is for sale and will be going into my Etsy Shoppe.
The journal on top is the one I used. I still have this velor green one to cover. It needs a cover BAD!

Mod Doll e-pattern *raggs*

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I have a new doll pattern for sale. I made my mod dolls into a pattern. They are so easy and fun to make. You can have one completed in less than a morning. Really its true. You can find the e-patterns currently for sale in my Etsy shoppe. Just in time for the holidays!

Special! Pyrex Ware Color Bowl Set!

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Special! Pyrex Ware Color Bowl Set!
Originally uploaded by ___Melanie___

$2.49? That is how much they cost when they came out? Oh my WORD!

My bird collection

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My bird collection
Originally uploaded by love_yellow

Oh this lady collects bird Pyrex. How awesome.

Pyrex collection- left side

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Pyrex collection- left side
Originally uploaded by Julie (Jangles)

I just adore this display. Look at her curtains. Oh my all that eye candy.

pyrex collection

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My pyrex collection (inside)
Originally uploaded by xeryp

Pyrex is heavy!!

Caring for your vintage Pyrex

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I have been reading over at Pyrex Love on how to care for your vintage Pyrex. I have been getting a nice collection going and I want to take care of them. I know you should not put them in the dishwasher. You will ware the pattern/color down and it will start to fade. I did not know you should not stack them. They are saying its the worst way to store them. They pointed out how on Ebay some sellers stack the bowls on top of each other to show the colors off. Well they run the risk of scratching up the bowls. They said you should put something between them if your going to stack. They should cover completely and not touch each other. Yikes. I have some of my Pyrex stacked. I am going to gather all the bubble wrap sheets I can find.

I found a blue floral Pyrex bowl. I also found 2 shakers and a mod vintage floral bed sheet.

Gemco, Pyrex & Vintage

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I paid a whole dollar for this medium size Pyrex bowl. This is my first time finding this print in bowls. I see cups and saucers and plates all the time. Never bowls. I know this print and the green one like it was mass produced more than most. That means I should be able to get a set in no time, right? And speaking of cups. I found two more tea cups. I paid .25 cents for them.
The vintage sugar and cream containers are made from a company called Gemco. They are made and feel like Pyrex. I love how they have mushrooms on them. The container on the far right I thought was going to say Corning when I looked at the maker. Oh no its not. It is Pyrex. I remember this pattern from the 80's. I think my mom had something with this pattern in her kitchen. I can't remember what but I remember seeing it a bunch. I paid .25 for it. It looks to hold herbs or garlic? I am thinking this was part of a set of canisters. The bottom is all glass and the lid is plastic. I am going to use it for spices. I have loose nutmeg running around. And your suppose to keep that fresh not running free.

Extreme Primitive Doll

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It has been a long time since I made an extreme primitive doll. I made this doll 5 years ago. I can not even remember who's pattern I used to make this. This doll was my very first Yipee moment doll. I actually made something that I really liked top to bottom. She was a big doll, I remember that. Do you know how much stuffing goes into that head? A bunch. These dolls are costly to make. Not only in stuffing cause they are so big but the time and details. I may one day make a few more big dolls. Maybe.

Heating pad cover made

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Nothing really fancy I know. But you should see what kind of cover came with this heating pad. Icky. The cover was "hospital" blue color. Very see through. The fabric was not even holding up. It kept slipping and sliding off so you never were really able to use the heating pad unless you adjusted this each time you moved. And must I complain about the plastic snap used to keep this all in place? Which it did not do. Not at all. I used this hippo fabric I purchased from Ikea. I sewed Velcro to each side. Now we can all use this stress free and no fussing. I can now tuck all the cord inside this little bag and store it and it wont unwrap itself when I walk away.

Sketch Book upgrade

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Last night I broke in my new sketch book. This is the first time I have such a pretty sketch book. Usually mine are spiral notebooks or drawing pads. My friend made this for me 2 years ago. I am just now using it. She felted a sweater for the cover and needle punched the heart. I am a textured gal and love to feel things and this is right up my alley. I usually get inspired late night and early mornings so I keep a sketch book handy to jot any notes and drawings down. If not I forget. That bugs me. I learned from that so I write it all down. This book is small enough to carry with me places. I like that. I decided to go outside this morning with a cup of peppermint decaf tea and catch all the morning happenings. I love the mornings. I am a morning person. I get up before the sun. I have this built in alarm clock in my body and it never lets me sleep away my favorite time of the day. I just love watching the night leave and the morning creeping in. I adore the nature. The quiet sounds. The birds. The weather. The excitement of a brand new day happening as I see it unfold. It gets me going. I am not a night owl. I am not one of those artist staying up till wee hours of the night. I am unable to even stay awake past 9pm. I have too much excitement or the next morning/day. The earlier I rise the best. I love a 5:30 am crafting session. When does your creativity strike you?

Happy 2nd Year blogging with changes

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I have been making some changes around here. I think you may notice its a big change. I am going on my 3rd year of blogging so to celebrate I thought some changes were needed. I wanted bigger and better. I saw lots of cute graphics and templates and was debating on to get a few but I really like the use of personal photos. They are little more "at home feeling" and fun to use as your graphics. Here is to another year of blogging.

Why friends with kids are busy.

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My friend showed me this article this morning. I was laughing and then could not agree more.

Vintage sewing books, pyrex and drinking glasses

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Vintage red Pyrex medium size bowl. Minor scratching and very clean on the inside. I paid $4.00
Vintage 1980's drinking glasses and vintage Creative Hands crafting books. When I was at the thrift store I saw the whole set of these. I have been seeing them each time I go to that thrifted book store. I finally sat down and looked through each book. I only took the ones that seemed fit for me. Its a knitting dressmaking and needlecraft book. I don't knit so I really did not need to get all the books. I purchased volume 1, 3, 9 and 11. I am going to scan and share some of the projects in there. There are such *goodies* in there. The entire set of books are dated from 1966. They have full size patterns in there. I paid .49 cents for the glasses and $1.00 for each book.
Vintage Jar $1.00

I found 6 vintage pink elephant glasses. This is my first set I actually found. Usually you don't find sets thrifting. Your lucky if you find more than one. This is my first official vintage glasses find too. Usually I have been finding 80's drinking glasses. I was happy to see them. I really do not want anyone drinking out of them so I hide them in the cabinet. One of them is broken on the top part. I was thinking of using that one for flowers. Maybe. I just hide them for now. Entire set I paid $4.99. *i know*
Vintage red small Pyrex dish. I have $2.00 for this dish. Can you believe how many dishes I have found these past 2 months? A bunch. I now have full cabinets. Before I had lots of room due to empty cabinets. I never really purchased much kitchen ware before. I do have to make a donation to my local thrift store cause I have items that these items have replaced.

Vintage Tupperware & Pyrex

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Vintage Yellow Tupperware Plastic Canister Set was found. Yipee so yellow so bright. I do think there is one more that goes to this set. I do believe a full set is of four.
Vintage Orange Tupperware plastic bowl with lid. My mom has several of these. Last time I saw them she kept all her sewing notions in them.
Vintage Pyrex baking dish. Its that neon color. I have 2 pieces now in this color.

Craft Show Best Sellers

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So you are going to vend at a craft show. What are you selling? What do people buy? What are they looking for? What will be that "hot" selling item in your booth? These are all questions every year we ask ourselves as venders. Lets discuss this topic. Maybe it could strike up an idea or just give you food for thought.

When I started preparing to do my first craft show I had no idea what to even make. I had no idea where to even start. The above questions were running around in my head. First, what kind of show are you vending at. This is very important. If you're at a Christmas show, chances are your handmade spring decorations and decor might not sell as fast. Or they might. You could market them as "gifts". This could work for you or against you. So do some research. If you are wanting to attend as a vendor in a craft show you love shopping at or its your first time you need to shop that craft show with a vendors eye. What type of craft show is it? There are many different shows and you must make sure you fall into that category of vendors/crafters/artist. Why? Because the craft show you are thinking about attending is marketing themselves to be that "type" of craft show and those "types" of people that shop them are attending. There is a ton of craft shows to choose from. Just think about the crafts you make and then apply to the show that fits you best.

Now you signed up for your show, what to make? What will sell? Anything. You never know what people are in the mood to buy or what their likes are. Offer up your best hand mades. The ones you know you are really good at making. People are going to pick up your item. They are going to touch it. I like to offer lots of different items in my craft show. I see some people who just make one item and only one item but it's made many different ways. I personally think that limits your sales. I have a friend who paints flower pots. Not everyone who goes to the craft show is going to want a flower pot. Not everyone is also willing to pay $25.00 for the flower pot. You have different shoppers passing you by all the time. Why not offer something for everyone? You don't have to make oodles of stock. You can offer 3 of that item. Or 5 or 6. That way if a flower pot is not for them, maybe that keychain is and they will be willing to purchase that.

"Oh these sold so good for me last craft show." But this year they did not even look at them. This will happen. Something you made was a really good craft show seller last year. So next year you decided to make even more. Yet, time came not one sold or as many. Sometimes this happens. Do not over make an item unless you are really well known for having this item and you know it will sell out. Do offer this item again just do not go overboard.

Want some easy sales? 10 bucks and under. I really recommend having low priced items in your booth. You can easily get someone to buy something for $5.00 than you would $20.00. I am not saying your entire booth should be like this, but I do recommend having them to offer. Trust me those items sell. They just have to be creative, useful and eye catching to the buyer. When I go to the local Christmas Craft fair by me I always see people selling marshmallows in a bag with some clever poem about snowman's poop and I always see people buying them. Seriously? Yes! So you just have to be creative and market your items creatively.

Needing Ideas on what to make? I am just as much am needing them too. What I do is think about what is popular? Try thinking colors, patterns and prints. Retro, Mod, Shabby, Primitive, Colonial, Christmas, Spring, Fall, Winter, Valentines, Halloween, Americana, Tuscan, Indian, Lodge THEMED. Think themes and lots of them. Everyone has their own taste. Everyone. They decorate or know someone who does in that style. Lots of people decorate or wear items to show their love of these things. I personally love aqua and red. (Oh you didn't know? tee-hee) If I see something aqua and red I am very attracted to it. I am really big on Vintage Mod and current Mod prints. So when I shop I am looking for those types of items. I would take the time to research a few of these themes. There are more themes too, like Harley, Hello Kitty and so on. I am not saying make those Licensed items. I am saying make it in those themes. I say play with a few themes. You will get more shoppers if you do. Again, don't limit your sales. I adore Hello Kitty and I am sure lots of people do. I made that doll house and themed it and the people after Hello Kitty, but they are nothing like Hello Kitty. Just in Hello Kitty colors so those who decorate with Hello Kitty have something to complement their collection. (really could I say/write Hello kitty one more time, *grin*)

Use all your talents. Can you knit? Can you crochet, sew on a sewing machine? Sew by hand? Do you play with paper? Do you mold, glue or paint? Use all of your talents when creating goodies for a craft show. If you sew, sew your heart out and if you paint you best add some painted items to your list of "things to make". Do you want to learn these crafts? Research in your area if someone is doing a crafting class. Take the class. Go to the library and research and read the books on "how to______". Learn the techniques or improve yours. Research on the Internet. Think of using those talents in different ways and combine them. Think outside the box. Your an artist that is what you do best. That knitted bookmarker will sell. Those belts made from vintage sheets did sell at my craft show. Be Creative and don't waste your time. Remember we all learn from our failures but it makes us Winners in the end when you don't give up. Failure just means you tried. Try again. Again, please don't limit yourself or your sales.

This is my advice to you. Sorry it was not full of crafty items of what to make. I really do not think there is a list that exists of "what to make that are best sellers for a craft show". Every town is different and so is every person and every craft show. You go out there and create. Craft/play. Learn new crafts. Research. And you will have pride for your crafty creative items and be proud to sell them in public for all to see and hold.

Polaroid Cameras are BACK!

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Polaroids are back in business. I am excited about this.
You can check out the article here. We can all *smile* again. Yipee!
You may not have known that back in 2008 they ceased making them and closed the door on the production line. Many, many and I mean MANY people including myself were not happy about this. I love Polaroids. There is nothing that can compare to them. They are art. I love taking photos and not being able to have this medium was killing me. I am a camera geek! I found the above cameras and film in my local thrift stores. I snatched them up quickly and have been debating on what was worthy enough to use the film on. Seriously this was a major decision cause they stopped making the film. You could only get it on Amazon or Ebay or thrift stores (if your lucky). But they also came at a price. Not any more. The film and cameras are back. I know I keep saying it but its so wonderful to say.

It turns out that former employees of Polaroid have united together and formed this site:
The Impossible Project. Their goal? To get Polaroid instant camera's to come back and come back the old way. They have tried many other attempts of making the Polaroid new and improved and with doing so they lacked the luster us true Polaroid lovers had. Due to this website they created and fans all across the world, Polaroid is now BACK to making them.

Check out what they have to say about it over at
(photo from

Polaroid will re-launch the legendary Polaroid One Step Camera in 2010. Get Ready!

Craft Show Etiquette

anniescupboards 3 12:09 PM
Craft Show Etiquette, a handmade vendors point of view,

I have been reading a bunch of this lately. A friend of mine was talking about craft shows and the customers who shop them. I have heard some eye opening moments. I have only been vending at local craft shows for 2 years now.I have done online craft shows for some time. But to sell on the street? Really different. Lots of people are viewing your crafts in person. Holding, touching, looking, feeling. Its a great way to see peoples reactions to your crafts. However, being a vendor at a craft show you see and hear lots of little things. You encounter lots of people who are attending the show for different reasons. After talking to my friend her and I started a conversation with a few of our (online) friends to see what they have encountered in their craft show vending experience. I am here to share this information with you the vendor to let you know your not alone and maybe pass off some tips of what you can do "the next time it happens".

If your vending at a craft show, let me say CONGRATS to you! You took all the steps needed to get your work out there.Some people do not realize what it takes to be a vendor in a craft show. Sometimes you will come across customers who say or do the most eye opening things. Let's talk about them and get them out in the open and that way you can prepare yourself. I have heard a few jaw opening moments from some and here is how they handled it.

A customer is heard saying "oh I can make this". As a vendor you do hear this often. Yet 99% of the time the customer won't make this item. I think by them saying this they are trying to justify to themselves on why NOT to buy the item for themselves.Maybe they can make the item your selling, but by them saying it so loud that you can hear it, is a little disheartening. Several years ago I attended a craft show locally and I saw a lady with a hand painted sign that said, "You say you can you can make it, but you never will". I liked that. Not only is she right but she herself made a point. I bet all the vendors wanted to buy her sign.

A customer is saying to a vendor, oh I really like this how did you make it? As crafter/artist we don't like to give away our secrets. So you will hear vendors say blood, sweat and tears. Which is true in most if not all crafts/art we make. It took time for us as vendors/crafters/artist to learn the craft that we are selling. Early morning and late night hours of constant making, failing and succeeding. You learn your do's and don'ts. You learn your short cuts and from failure you learn even more. The crafter/artist is not willing to just share all that hard work with you. Oodles of research, time go into making an item. So its best just to say blood, sweat and tears.

A customer is saying where do you buy/find your materials? Again, this goes into the blood sweat and tears answer. A vendor/crafter/artist is not going to give up her ingredients for her recipe. Simple answers can be, locally, online and across the ocean.

A customer comes up to your booth and starts taking photos of your items your selling. Now I have heard of people doing this.I personally have never had this happen. I always had people asking me if they could take photos of my things. I say yes. They did ask me first. Some people have told me they don't have people asking them they just do it. What can you do? YOU need to speak up and ask them why they are taking photos of your stuff. You can be polite about it, ask if its going to be in the paper or maybe their blog. You could take a photo of them taking a photo of your stuff. Why not? They just did. I have been hearing/reading that most craft shows do not allow you to bring a camera in a craft show. Some places don't care. If you see someone taking photos and there is no photos allowed in your craft show you need to find the sponsors of the show and bring it to their attention asap. They will be asking those people to leave. Its not polite to take photos of someone elses work and not tell them why you are. Are they using it for later so they can copy your work? Are they going to send it to someone and say they made it? Are they passing it off as theirs? We don't know. As a vendor you are protected by the shows rules but some times you need to step to the plate to enforce those rules.

I have heard some people comment on other crafters/artist prices. Some customers think your item is too expensive? That may be true. For them they can't afford or can not see spending that kind of money on a item. There are customers who do and will spend that kind of money. Some people have no idea the cost of hand making an item. They don't know how much you paid for your materials. They don't know how long it took for you to make the item. Some forget that they are buying a handmade item. Most of the time if you buying it a craft show you are not only getting a handmade item but a one of kind item. Some people know and appreciate the handmade quality. Some even try to haggle the price as if they were at a flea market. You can just smile and say no thank you.You don't need to cut yourself short to make a sale. Even if they are buying more than one item. It takes time to make your items, if they really want it they will buy it. Some people have that "walmart" price guide in their head cause they are forgetting they are getting art direct from the artist. Not manufactured in a factory line. Vendors do find it a little tacky when customers treat their booth like a flea market/yard sale.

I am sure there are lots of topics we could touch base on. If you have a really good story or a crafty answer to some of these "moments", please share them with me.There is lots of fun to be had being a vendor at a craft show. However its work. From the day you sign up till the day the show starts and finishes. We as vendors hear and see lots. I recommend when your going to vend at a craft show you get to know everyone who is working for the show and the other vendors who are attending the shows. When you get to the show, walk around and introduce yourself. They will be setting up or taking down their display so don't crowd them but totally go out of your way to say Hi. I find it best to network myself around other crafters/artists as much as possible. They feed me artistically. Hey you might need them to cover your booth so you can visit the bathroom or get something to eat.

As crafters/artist vending a show to sell our wares, we all have to stick together. We can help each other. We respect each other. Its ok to set your ground rules and know you are not the first crafter/artist to have heard these comments. We too are like...REALLY? Seriously? really?

Red Lustro Ware Canister set

anniescupboards Reply 8:40 AM

Red Lustro Ware Canister set
Originally uploaded by Jennylees

I do love the cansiters but that tablecloth. I am gushing.

Vintage Tablecloths

anniescupboards 2 8:34 AM

Vintage Tablecloths
Originally uploaded by Rose Red Cottage

vintage tablecloths

anniescupboards Reply 8:32 AM

vintage tablecloths
Originally uploaded by suzanneduda

Oh she has some really good ones here.

Vintage Tablecloth and Tea Towel Collection

anniescupboards Reply 8:28 AM

Vintage Tablecloth and Tea Towel Collection
Originally uploaded by vintagelinens

Have you ever peeked inside someone's vintage collection? I am on a tablecloth collection hunt and I am finding a few. I just adore this collection. How can one find so many? Where does one find so many? The happiest thrill is the hunt/find. Then getting home and adding another piece to your collection......priceless.

Vintage Retro Pink Poodle Tablecloth

anniescupboards Reply 8:07 PM
Look how adorable this is. I was so lucky to find this. Its going in my collection of tablecloths. Yes indeed this was the month of tablecloths for me. This one is from 1940's - 1950's era. I will have to see if I can research it. There are no stains or holes. Its very long and wide. And my smile is from ear to ear. I adore it so. Look a the poodle chasing the red ball.
Vintage Pillowcase
Vintage Tablecloth. This mod lovely is for sale in my Etsy shoppe.
Vintage Vera Place Mats. I have 4 of them. They are so cute. I paid $3.00 for them.
4 Retro Scarves. One being a Vera. The orange one. And it smells of this sweet smelling perfume.
Vintage Retro Christmas tablecloth. This tablecloth and matching set of napkins is for sale in my Etsy Shoppe. They are perfect. I don't even think they were used. Don't you love finding those?

Primitive & Mod doll listed on Etsy

anniescupboards 3 8:19 PM

I listed some dolls today. 2 of them already found homes. Come take a peek if you need Christmas gifts. I am working on more of these styles. They are a new pattern I made and I really like them. They are so cute and huggable. I am thinking of making them into a pattern to sell. They are only 12" tall. I really need to start making more patterns. I have slacked big time on that. I have a few goals I need to get done. I am really shocked Christmas is around the corner. I told my son as soon as its October, boom its January in a blink of an eye. We are always so busy and I just adore this time of year. It just comes and goes by so fast.

Vintage Thrifty finds

anniescupboards Reply 5:43 PM
I found this Vintage Mod Floral Suitcase. I have to tell you something. Just yesterday I was looking through Etsy shoppes of people selling these. Drooling. I really wanted one. VERY bad. Why? I don't know. I just saw them and started drooling. They are so cute and loud and bright. At the local craft fair I just vended at, someone was selling a few of their vintage suitcase finds. They were selling them for 30.00 - 50.00 dollars. Ouch. But today, oh my! I walk into the store and I find it for $6.00 but wait today was 50% off day. So I paid $3.00. Oh I know! Its very clean and almost new in the inside. Just a little dusty on the outside. When I was drooling yesterday on was this color combo I was drooling over. How crazy is that?
Vintage Orange Wheat Pyrex dish with lid. I was very excited to see this find. Even more excited when they told me it was 50% off. It looks brand new.
Behold I finally found a Vintage Large Yellow Pyrex Bowl. I was so happy the cost was just $5.00. I saw one the other day at the craft show for 30.00. I was tempted to get it to just get one step closer to my set. But I waited. I am so happy I did. It was just sitting there looking pretty and waiting for me. I just need the small blue bowl now and I will have the full complete set. (click here for a photo of the complete set from Pyrex Love)
I found my first piece of vintage corning ware. I must confess I am not big on corning ware. It has to really jump at me. Like this one did. I love the pops of colors and the flowers.
There are no markings on these Vintage salt and pepper shakers. I am going to guess they are Corelle? I think they are. I will have to research that pattern.
I was hoping to find a 1 quart pitcher. But for it to be Vintage Tang pitcher? You remember Tang right? The orange drink? It even has the lid. There is a little ware on the lid but not much. I am always making juices so this will come in handy and be used a bunch. I had no idea Tang even offered a pitcher.
I am no longer collecting wood bowls but I see them all the time. In fact I sold all mine on Ebay over a year ago. When I go thrifting they are always there. I say no don't buy them. You are no longer into them. But then you find a whole stack of them for so cheap. So you tell yourself to list them on Etsy and pass the good finds to someone who does. So I shall. I found another Peanuts item. This time its a mug from 1964. The wood rolling pin I am adding to my collection. I want a whole stack of them. For display really nothing more.
I found this 1984 Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Machine Embroidery Book. I really have to go back to that store when I have more time to look through all the vintage books they have. I really love books. Not everything is online ya know. Even tho I really think it is. I just love finding vintage sewing books and cook books.
I found 6 vintage Vera Pumpkin Napkins. Yipee just in time for fall. I actually found 2 sets of these. The other set had 5.
I found this oblong table cloth. Its mod and more yellowish than gold even tho its not showing yellow-ish. I am on a table cloth roll huh? I find them for so cheap. And I am not concerned with minor stains and small holes. EVEN tho none of the ones I have purchased lately have any of them. Maybe some fading. I have been really lucky with that.
I found these vintage Christmas napkins. 6 of them.
I found this vintage oval redware tablecloth.
I found this vintage set of red sheer kitchen curtains. I paid a whole dollar for them.
I also found a little bit of vintage fabric that is really thick. Those baskets are from a fast food restaurant and made their way to the thrift store and I brought them home. They will be very useful I am sure in the kitchen or crafting.

I am so happy I had to drop off a few things at my Mother in law's house today or I would have never found these items. Its just so hard for me to pass a thrift store. I wonder what is in there and what kind of deal I could be getting. Today was 50% off day. In a thrift store that is very very good. I have thrift stores all over here and every time I run an errand there I go passing one. I know you wonder how do I always manage to find these vintage items. I will tell you something. Years ago and still till this day, almost everyone comes to Florida to retire. They bring their precious belongings with them.
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